Perfect Uninstaller

Uninstall any application that is installed on your computer

Operating system: Windows

Release: Perfect Uninstaller 6.3.4

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Perfect Uninstaller is the perfect uninstaller that can remove any application. It is more useful than the Add/Remove program available in the Windows system and much quicker in removing applications and all their related files.


  • Uninstall all types of applications. Just click on the app that you want to remove from the list of apps and click uninstall, Perfect Uninstaller will take care of the rest.
  • Removes apps that are not removable by the Add/Remove program available on the Windows operating system
  • Not only removes the application but makes sure to remove any related files and registry files that the other applications fail to remove most of the time
  • Force remove any application that contains broken register files and remove the registry files along with it
  • Improve the functionality of your PC by deleting applications that are hogging the system resources.
  • Remove older applications that you thought were already removed by other applications. The broken files for those applications may still be using system resources and/or causing system errors. Perfect Uninstaller will make sure to remove any files left from those applications and thus improve the overall performance of the computer.

Perfect Uninstaller is the ideal solution to removing unwanted programs once and for all from any Windows computer. It helps you get rid of applications and their files that may be hogging your computer processing power. With Perfect Uninstaller, you will have a laptop with less clutter and with more efficiency. Perfect Uninstaller is guaranteed to improve the overall computer performance.

The easiest way to uninstall any program with all of its registry files from your computer
Nick Ellis
This app easily allows you to uninstall any program on you computer with just the click of a few buttons
Perfect Uninstaller is an application that is used to remove the unused applications from the computer. This application is used when one cannot uninstall a program using the Add/Remove Programs found in the Control Panel and it works 3 times faster than that and removes all the traces of the program to be uninstalled from the PC.
What a great software product. I personally find it slow and frustrating to uninstall products from Windows, and I knwo older relatives suffer from the same annoyances. What is great with Perfect Uninstaller us that it is so easy to quickly uninstall any program or application without having to go through mindless and many windows screens. Would definitely recommend
Perfect Uninstaller applies three modes to uninstall programs. There's The Uninstall Wizard, which removes programs just like your usual Windows Add/Remove Programs option. After that, we have The Special Uninstall Wizard. This method will remove software that can't be deleted by the Add/Remove option. The last option is saved for very persistent programs, and it's called The Force Uninstall Wizard. There are some additional perks that come with this software. It offers Windows Registry recovery tools that restore the Registry to an earlier state. There is also the option to speed up your system's startup, and you can use this program to remove junk files that clog the system.
Josh Lynn
This was great for my PC! It let me uninstall all of my unnecessary applications that took up vital space on my work PC, it was easy to setup and install and I would recommend to anybody with a PC and something to uninstall. I'm so surprised that it can uninstall any type of program!
Perfect Uninstaller for Windows is a great program. I have this program downloaded on one of my business computers. This program helps me to uninstall some of the programs that are hard to install. I decided to do a little research when I discovered that I had several programs on my computer. These programs were slowing down my computer. I did a lot of research and decided to give Perfect Uninstaller a shot. I have been using this program for a short time, but I plan on making this a permanent program on my computer. I even plan on using this particular program on all of my other devices. This was the best decision that I have ever made. My computer runs so much faster than it did in the past. I no longer have to bother my tech department with uninstalling difficult programs.
Okay, I need this. As someone who tends to load up their PCs/laptops with loads of programs, having a quick and (seemingly) easy to use interface to uninstall unwanted applications would be a huge boon. The fact that it seems to take care of all removal steps on it's own is a huge plus, as well. If it works as well as advertised, I would certainly recommend it to others.
Perfect Uninstaller is a utility that you can use to conveniently uninstall programs from your Windows system, including programs that are normally hard to uninstall through the normal Windows functionality. The user interface is quite friendly and presents you with a list of installed programs. Simply select the target program and specify Uninstall. Perfect Uninstaller will do the rest. You can also use Perfect Uninstaller for additional tasks such as registry recovery. This is useful because one frequently encounters registry or other system problems at the same time as unwanted programs are found on the system.
Do you hate having to constantly dig through files to just delete ONE program? You need Perfect Unistaller for Windows then! A great software to use if you are in a hurry to delete an application and don't want to fuss around with digging through folders and files making sure the ENTIRE program was deleted. All you have to do is click delete once and you are done. You won't regret getting this software!
For a long time, this application has been one of the greatest apps for converting my files. and it's very easy to use. I use this software in my day-to-day work since it simplifies the converting process and the product is so easy to use. One thing to mention is that the dashboard is really user-friendly. I truly enjoyed the product because it was the cheapest and most efficient product I'd ever purchased. Perfect Uninstaller for Windows made my job so much easier. It was fantastic.
Perfect Uninstaller for Windows is a quick, easy and efficient way to get rid of programs and applications that are adding clutter to your computer device without much-added value. The Perfect Uninstaller works by scanning your device and then you can choose exactly what you want to have removed based on the results of that scan.
It is one of the best software i'm recently used. This Uninstaller uninstalls the application and application softwares on the windows. It is good like a perfect cleaner. We can use this wisely. It is user friendly. The matter why it is called a "Perfect Uninstaller for Windows" that it would completely clean all the data and uninstal the apps completely. I prefer this one for using in your windows. This also recommended to all window users. This also clear uninstalled apps extra files like addtional zip files.
I am using so many uninstaller for job related programming sections because we have many programming that daily work schedule we use and manage our software programming most of the time. I am searching for a uninstaller some we handle hard programming if we doesn't want the program mean we have to delete perhaps uninstall the software we chosen this perfect uninstaller this particular software have backup solution and window registry recovery tools as well as a process monitor. Its very simple but use full application to uninstall any program right from its interface its very easy simple and its reducing my pressure from uninstall so now my work so easy. I can easily uninstall .And do not worry about backups also this is totally perfect for my future work schedule. one of the best uninstaller .I ever use
Christopher M.
: Perfect Uninstaller is a powerful, safe, and easy-to-use uninstaller that helps you completely uninstall any stubborn program or unwanted application from your PC. It enables you to quickly and completely remove programs, folders, and registry entries that are left behind after a traditional uninstall process. It helps you clean up your system and make it run faster.
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