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PerfView is a performance-analysis tool that helps developers find and diagnose performance issues in .NET applications.

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Publisher: Microsoft

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PerfView is an advanced performance analysis tool designed to help software developers, IT professionals, and system administrators identify and troubleshoot performance issues in their applications. With PerfView, users can collect and analyze performance data, diagnose problems, and quickly identify the root cause of any performance issue.

PerfView helps to quickly identify and diagnose performance issues in .NET applications.

• Easy to use graphical user interface

• Collect performance data from multiple sources, including Windows Performance Counters, Event Traces, .NET Profiler logs, and more

• Analyze performance data from various perspectives – from low-level system performance to high-level application performance

• Visualize performance data in a variety of graphs and charts

• Identify and isolate performance bottlenecks

• Compare performance data across multiple runs

• Assess the impact of changes on performance

• Generate reports to share with stakeholders

• Automate collection and analysis with command-line and scripting support

• Support for multiple operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and Mac OS

• Scheduled data collection and analysis

• Ability to view data in real-time

• Support for multiple languages, including C#, C++, and Java

• Support for Windows Performance Analyzer (WPA)

• Support for Microsoft Visual Studio

• Support for Microsoft Application Insights

• Support for Microsoft Azure

• Ability to analyze performance data from multiple machines

• Support for custom data sources

• Support for Windows Performance Recorder (WPR)

• Ability to create and save profiles for future use

• Ability to apply filters to performance data

• Support for remote performance data collection

• Ability to analyze .NET performance data

• Automatically detect performance issues

• Support for System Center Virtual Machine Manager

• Support for Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager

• Support for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager

• Ability to export performance data for further analysis

• Support for System Center Data Protection Manager

• Support for Microsoft Exchange Server

• Ability to analyze SQL Server performance data

• Support for Microsoft SharePoint

• Support for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

• Support for Microsoft System Center Orchestrator

• Support for Azure Active Directory

• Ability to analyze IIS performance data

• Support for Microsoft Office 365

• Support for Microsoft Azure Storage

• Support for Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines

• Support for Microsoft Azure SQL Databases

• Support for Microsoft Azure Service Bus

• Support for Microsoft Azure Stack

• Support for Microsoft Azure Service Fabric

• Support for Microsoft Azure Event Hubs

• Support for Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services

• Support for Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

• Support for Microsoft Azure Media Services

• Support for Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer

• Support for Microsoft Azure Analysis Services

• Support for Microsoft Azure Data Factory

• Support for Microsoft Azure Key Vault

• Support for Microsoft Azure Container Registry

• Support for Microsoft Azure Network Watcher
PerfView requires the following technical requirements:

• Windows 7 or newer
• .NET Framework 4.6 or newer
• An Intel or AMD based CPU
• At least 1GB of RAM
• Approximately 400MB of free disk space
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Jacob Abata

1. PerfView software is a comprehensive performance analysis tool that offers detailed insights into Windows systems. 2. I have used it to gain better understanding of application performance and identify potential bottlenecks. 3. It is feature rich and allows users to capture a wide range of performance data. 4. The UI is intuitive and easy to use, allowing users to quickly get up and running. 5. It has a good selection of customizable visualizations that can help to quickly pinpoint performance issues. 6. It can also be used to compare performance across different systems and configurations. 7. It has support for many different data sources and can be used to troubleshoot issues in production environments. 8. It is also very fast and can quickly analyze large amounts of data. 9. The generated reports are also very detailed and can be customized to meet specific needs. 10. Overall, PerfView is a powerful and useful tool for performance analysis.
image/svg+xmlBotttsPablo Stanley Körner
Liam B.

PerfView is really usuful for analyzing system performance and finding issues, but I'm having some troube figuring out how to get started with it.
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