Periodic Table Quiz

by Paul Alan Freshney

Simple and fun way to learn the Periodic Table

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Publisher: Paul Alan Freshney

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This program is a great little way for students who are learning about the Periodic table to focus on it and get a complete understanding of everything they need to know to remember all of the elements. The program is really small, quick to install, and simple to start using.

Once it's booted up you can simply select if you'd prefer to be tested on element's names and identify their symbol or tested on the element's symbols and identify their names. Either way, the game is essentially the same. Either a name or symbol will appear in the center of the screen and you'll have to select one of three corresponding buttons from the bottom of the screen.

The game keeps track of your answers during the session so after completing each 10-question quiz you'll see how well you performed and what you missed. Knowing what you missed is a great way to know what you should focus your studying on in the future so you'll be able to remember those elements better.

The game itself is really quick and easy to learn. Since it's so small and only takes a brief amount of time to go through you'll be able to play it constantly whenever you only have a brief period of time to yourself. Allowing this much repetition is what makes the game really successful at teaching you. You'll be learning all of the elements quickly while you'll feel like you're hardly putting any effort in at all!

After just a few days, you'll be able to recite all of the elements and their symbols by heart without even having to think about it! This will allow you to score very highly any test you may be taking or just to feel good about yourself in general and your learning abilities.

Overall this is an excellently done simple software program that is definitely worth checking out and exploring further for either academic purposes or just personal growth.

It challenges you to learn all of the elements.
this is the best app to trainner your brain, I am really impress with so many activities and questions,it is an addicted game and I am enjoying to play.
Harrison Staffeld
The Periodic Table Quiz software is a fun and educational tool that helps users learn the elements of the periodic table. It includes interactive quizzes, flashcards, and fun facts about each element. The software is designed for both students and teachers to improve their understanding of the periodic table.
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