Lookeen Free Edition


An Efficient Search tool that helps to locate data present in our Local/External Drives

Operating system: Windows


Release: Lookeen Free Edition

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Looking Free Edition for Windows is a search tool that mainly helps the user to search the required data within a short period using filter options. This search tool is user-friendly and understandable by the user. It allows us to search for data from as many files as possible, and there is no limitation to the data search in the files. It allows users to explore data both in folders and as well as files. This tool is compatible with Windows versions, namely Windows 10,8,7 and Vista.

Lookeen Free Edition for Windows allows data to be searched in Microsoft Office, PDF, and documents. It uses "Advanced Search Criteria"  option to provide results to the user. Lookeen Free Edition for Windows allows users to edit the data and save the changes made to the document. It provides editing mode to the user for text files such as .txt, word, excels, and also allows users to preview the text files. Lookeen Free Edition for Windows helps the user to preview PDF, Images, PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, and Excel files.

Lookeen Free Edition for Windows allows multiple rows to preview, and also it helps to highlight key terms from the search results. It provides support for various file types. Users can search for data using the file name, path, its extension, data on which it was last modified. It can store all user's queries so that the user can use queries at any time they want in the future. Lookeen Free Edition for Windows allows user to view timeline which provides data on the number of files the search was done, specific dates on which the files were modified. The user can also manually add search operations to the favorites list so that the user can use the search parameter in the future. 

It provides a best solution to narrow down the search with the help of simpler filter tools to locate data from the drives and saves user time spent on searching activities.

  • Lookeen Free Edition for Windows saves the user time.
  • It does not require any training for the user to use the tool.
  • It provides up to date search on folders and files.
  • It provides organized and easy access to the documents. 
  • It allows for editing text files in the preview window
It is a free software available for windows. I used it as searching tool in my system as it displays the search speed and to find my local files easily. Actually the common searching process in our systems will always take few minutes but by using this we may escape from that.
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