Optimize the storage on your devices

Operating system: Windows

Release: PhoneClean 5.1.1

Last revision: Last week

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The Phone Clean software application optimizing your personal devices so that you can maximize your storage. It's different in that it runs in the background so you can still use your devices while the application is operating. Phone Clean will clear up temporary files, caches, and other pieces of data that take up storage on your device which in turn will help increase the speed of your device when you are using it. 

The software works in the background, thereby allowing you to use the device while Phoneclean performs its tasks


  • Your device, whether it be an iPhone, IPad, or another device, can run Phone Clean without being connected to a laptop or other device.
  • Phone Clean runs in the background, allowing you to use your device while Phone Clean performs its tasks. The benefit is that there is no downtime on your device as there is with Apple software updates which make the phone unusable while going through the updating process.
  • Phone Clean offers a privacy clean feature which helps maintain the security of your private information on your device. Privacy clean allows you to permanently delete call logs, notes, text message history, and other personal information and data that a user might want to keep hidden from other individuals.
  • Phone Clean offers an Internet Clean feature that enables safer browsing when using the Safari web browser. This helps ensure a safe and private web browsing experience on your device.
  • Phone Clean also offers an Erase clean service while enables the user to completely delete their information off of the device. This helps protect users when they trade in their device for an upgrade which is common standard practice when purchasing new Apple devices and replacing old ones. There is also the option to wipe your device remotely by using Phone Clean. This allows for an individual to wipe a lost device and prevent personal data from being accessed.¬†

Phone Clean offers a Free Demo

The Pro Version is $29.99

Compatible with all IOS devices

Available in Seven Languages 

Kyle (unverified)
the features in the description are too long. I think that these points would be much more effectively expressed if they were short and concise. As a potential customer, I want to easily see what this app has to offer without having to read a paragraph per feature. You could go more in depth into these features outside of the list, just not inside of it. Other than that, I think that this app would be useful to many people since everyone can benefit from a faster phone.
William (unverified)
If you have a storage problem then PhoneClean is the way to go. Phoneclean can be run on any device and can be run in the background to help optimize your time. PhoneClean can clear up temporary files, caches, and any other data that you would like to be removed permanently from your device.
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