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Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Geeks3D.com

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FurMark is a small program designed to test OpenGL-compatible graphics cards in stress mode. The program also allows you to compare the performance of the video adapter with the systems of other users, as well as the user's replaced graphics card in the PC. FurMark uses a video card stress-testing algorithm to overheat the video adapter during testing. It is recommended to use this utility only on a fully configured system, with all installed latest drivers.

FurMark allows you to flexibly configure the test configuration, run the test in both full screen and window modes, select the resolution of the stress test, and enable antialiasing mode. For advanced users and overclockers engaged in overclocking of video adapters, there is a mode of maximum load that fully loads the graphics core to the peak level. FurMark also has a small utility built in to monitor the graphics card, GPU-Z, which provides additional information about the GPU - its type, technology, memory type, and kernel frequency and GPU memory values. In general, the program is intended, of course, primarily for overclockers, but it can easily be used by simple users, because the utility's interface is more than understandable and simple.

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