PHP Designer


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PHP Designer is a handy tool for writing, editing, correcting, analyzing and compiling pages and web applications written in PHP. This program is perfect for beginners and advanced developers alike. The key feature of PHP Designer is that it supports not only PHP, but also MySQL, HTML, CSS, C, Python JavaScript, Ruby and so on. The application has a built-in syntax highlighting tool and also includes libraries containing several thousand functions that will be very useful for you during the process of writing the program code. In general, it is a rather convenient and functional development environment with a large number of supported programming languages.

- highlighting of syntax for all languages supported by the program;

- Auto-complete function for PHP, JavaScript and CSS languages;

- support for a huge number of libraries;

- a built-in help system;

- built-in HTML inspector;

- possibility of debugging and profiling scripts using Xdebug;

- a built-in FTP client;

- convenient navigation through project files.

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