An add-on for windows explorer that acts as a right-click image viewer

Operating system: Windows

Release: PicaView 2.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Picaview is an integrated program extension add-on for windows explorer developed by ACD Systems International, Inc. The primary purpose of the digital imaging software is to act as an image viewer; however, this software is rich with features, and its capabilities don't stop there. Installation of the add-on will allow the user to instantly view and manipulate a wide variety of multimedia file formats, as well as effortlessly sharing them on the internet. With its right click image viewer feature and broad compatibility across current windows operating system versions, Picaview is easily one of the most convenient and stable image viewers to use. 


  • Right Click image viewer - right-clicking an image will show a thumbnail of the image in the right-click dialog window. Clicking this image will result in the image opening up a full size without an additional program needing to load.
  • Create and Print Image contact sheets
  • Re-arrange Images within your folders
  • Convert images into a wide variety of other formats
  • Ability to rotate JPEG photos
  • Zip file archive function.
  • Function available in Windows Explorer, My Computer, Find Files/Search results, and even the Save as/Open dialog boxes. 
  • Easily upload and share photos and digital images online using SendPix.
  • Compatible with most current Windows operating system versions.
  • Allows the user to view and play in excess of 40 different image and other multimedia file formats (including, but not limited to wmf, jpeg, ico, bmp, avi, mpeg, tiff, and gif.)
  • Available for download from PicaView as a free trial.

When considering the options, Picaview stands out among competitors with its right click image viewer feature and seamless integration. 

The right-click image viewer feature allows for quick and consistent viewing of any image type, without waiting for a program to load.
  • Language: English
  • Can be installed and run on Win95, Win98, WinNT 4.x, Windows2000, and WinXP 
Drew Moyer
IN my personal opinion, it seems like many of the features that this software offers are already available through other, more basic platforms. I do not know much about photography or media production, so it might be a good feature for someone who works or has a hobbie in that specific field. All in all, it looks like it could be a good idea as long as it offers additional features that can't be commonly found.
Picaview is the best software I have downloaded yet. It allows you a one-stop place to handle all of your picture images and video files in one place. I really like the right-click easy feature with the pop-up list that lets you select exactly what you want to do. One of my favorite features is the option to select multiple images at one time and change their extension or move them to a different location easily. This is the first software I have come across that can listen to all of my video extensions in one spot.
Luke Pepe
PicaView is free and just a simple add on that makes it easier to view images by just right clicking on them. Convenient add on which could be useful for graphic designers and marketing professionals. Easy to use and user friendly. Comes with great and convenient features too.
PicaView is an amazing addon to your file explorer that lets you manipulate images and videos with just a right click. It gives you a slightly larger preview with tools to edit it right away, which makes managing a bunch of images in your folder much faster. It's a great productivity tool to make quick changes to a bunch of different kinds of images and videos.
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