SAP Crystal Reports Viewer


Get the information from various sources like Oracle, Excel, Access, SQL, etc.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: SAP SE

Release: SAP Crystal Reports Viewer 2016

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

Report misleading

Users can use SAP Crystal Reports Viewer as a hub for putting together information from various sources like Oracle database, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, Microsoft Access databases, Microsoft SQL Server databases, BusinessObjects Enterprise business views, and even down to local files.

This software is highly comparable for office spaces, individuals that work from home, or perhaps those who carry their work home and already own Microsoft compatible hardware at home. Gather together all your crucial and important data and files in a workspace that will make them less boring to view and provides a means to see the information with less back and forth. Searching around your personal computer and having multiple programs open at the same time to maximize effectiveness by multitasking or compare information can waste time and lead to a clustered workspace. The SAP Reports Viewer helps prevent that, in addition to supporting a cooperative workforce. Be able to edit files with peers and keep informed about additions and any information edited or added, saving the user time and preventing confusion and misconceptions in the workspace especially during busy projects, hectic work days, and make day to day work demands more comfortable a viable to organize and comprehend in any occasion. Just check to make sure your current software is compatible with the latest version of SAP Reports Viewer and enjoy all the benefits the SAP has to offer in a day and age where data is the heart of many companies that rely on keeping a close eye on information collected on anything from general expenses, quarterly goals, work hours, upcoming projects, product data, and any information needs a business needs. SAP is a must have software that stands out.


Provides different means to view work related documents at the users leisure.
  • Compatible with Microsoft Excel and commonly used data software.
  • Makes viewing data more comfortable.
  • Allows peers to edit information.

SAP Crystal Reports Viewer is a must have for those who need a versitial way to view data in a work environment.

  • Operating system: Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP.
  • Required drive space: 95 Mb


This app allows people to export and visualize reports in a efficient and effective manner. It is available on most window and mac platforms and it is also free. It allows the users to capture the important parts of a report and lets people. There are several different pricing and many different versions, but the main version is free and the premium version allows for more usability and features. If there any question or concern, there is also alot of customer service options as well. overall this app is great and allows people to finally view those reports that they had to look at in a different way
This SAP is using very well in my field and it can be a great product for the reports.
a Centralized and visualization platform and it is the best intelligence platform.
This is a reporting app for small to medium-sized businesses. you can download this in trial form and also get it from the SAP store. Overall this product is very useful for people just starting out their own businesses and also people who are just getting the hang of the entrepreneurial life. This viewer can be used on both PC and windows.
This has been an incredibly helpful tool. I needed a customized view of my data, and SAP Crystal Reports viewer provided exactly that. I am very happy with my results and with the confidentiality provided by this software. No regrets.
Sap Crystal Reports Viewer for Windows is an excellent program. You can view reports, and even download them for further review. This software program makes my life so much easier. It helps me to view my business reports while I am on the go. This is the best software I have ever owned, and I will continue to purchase this in the future too.
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