Pismo File Mount

by Pismo Technic

An extension for operating systems enabling virtual file systems for applications

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Pismo Technic

Release: Pismo File Mount

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Pismo File Mount is an operating system extension that allows applications to create virtual file systems and expose the virtual file system data to the operating system file interface.

Pismo File Mount can be used in many different kinds of applications.  


Pismo File Mount works for all major operating systems: Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Allows development of file systems that are compatible with all major operating systems.
  • Can package an application into a single executable.
  • Applications can use content protection mechanisms while still exposing content to the file system.
  • Install packages can run without needing to decompress to a temp location.
  • Apps can package numerous resources into an archive, but retain access through the file system. 
  • Offers encryption and compression.
  • On-the-fly conversion to alternate formats.
  • Any media player may access media files in CD and DVD images.
  • Files in large databases may be accessed through the virtual file system.
  • Can use metadata from media files to create alternate view types. 

Pismo File Mount is a versatile and flexible extension to operating systems that allows virtual file systems to be exposed to the operating system as mounted drives.

Pismo File Mount uses a client-server model where the client (driver) sends requests to the server (application providing virtual file system) for processing. 

Pismo File Mount is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac and can be implemented in many programming languages, including C, C++, CLR Languages, Java and JVM.

Pismo file mount comes with a command line interface.  The "cfm" command works from a command or terminal prompt.  

The Pismo File Mount developer kit contains documentation, examples and support files.  

The Pismo File Mount audit package demonstrates what the operating system extension can do, and is a useful application in and of itself.  The audit package facilitates the mounting of container files as read-only or read-write volumes.  The audit package was created with the same tools that are provided to third-party developers.  

Billy Dean
Pismo is a great little program. I needed something to show virtual drives and this one works really well. It allows you to mount what you need fast and easy. If you are in need of a virtual mount program get this one now!
Make your own virtual file systems no matter what operating system or programming language you're using. The computer sees the virtual files as mounted files, making everything that much easier. Plus you can control it all with a command line interface that puts the power at your fingertips.
George Montoya
a windows software for managing software and multitasking and editing files types.
I was looking for a software that will let me launch my virtual files. Pismo File Mount for Windows does just that. I downloaded it for free. I use it to mount the virtual units without expansion of my zip or iso files. The interface is so easy. Sometimes I just want my files expanded. I am happy with this.
Ethan N*****w
Pismo File Mount is software that allows users to mount files and folders from archive files, such as ZIP and ISO, as virtual folders in the Windows file system. This makes it easier to access and manage the contents of these archives without having to extract them first. It also allows users to mount encrypted archives and access their contents securely.
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