PostScript Viewer


A personal use application to easily view the postscript files in Windows.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: CAD-KAS GbR

Release : PostScript Viewer 1.0

Antivirus check: passed

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Do you want an application that lets you view and edit the PostScript file without any issues? PostScript Viewer is the best solution for you. With easily accessible settings, you can use different editing features to meet your needs. It has a minimalist interface and modern layout to let users adapt to each aspect. You also have a few editing features like zooming in and zooming out, fitting the picture in the screen, rotation, etc.

These editing features are relatively easy to use, making the software a reliable solution for Windows users. The software not only provides editing and viewing accessibility but also lets you save files in different formats like JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, etc. However, the file size and rotation will remain the same when saving in other formats.


  • PostScript Viewer is an easy-to-use application with a clean and modern layout.
  • With the help of this tool, you can easily view the postscript files in Adobe Reader as PDF files.
  • It will automatically convert your postscript files into PDFs by just double-clicking the postscript files.
  • You can save the picture in other formats if you need to.
  • The zoom-in and zoom-out features help you view a specific part from close.
  • If you need to view the file from different angles, you can use the rotation features. The software lets you rotate your file either right or left. But keep in mind it won't save the files in your desired rotation.
  • You have the opportunity to customize the width and height of your files.
  • The PostScript Viewer is completely free and has updated features and an interface. It is developed and licensed under the AGPL, and the latest version is 1.2. The compatible
  • Windows versions are 7, 8, 10, Vista, and XP.

Because it is lightweight software, you can easily download and install it. After installation, the setup is quick to process as it doesn't require high-level skills. Also, the application icon for the postscript files will change to the PDF icon. It proves to be a reliable option to view, edit, or save postscript files in different formats.

PostScript Viewer is a freeware personal-use software solution that lets you view and edit PostScript files in Windows.
1. Compatible with major operating systems
2. Minimum 512 MB of RAM
3. At least 100 MB free hard disk space
4. Graphic card capable of rendering high-quality images

Allows viewing and interpreting PostScript files easily.
Can convert PostScript files to other formats.
Features include zooming, rotating, and scrolling.

Limited features compared to full-fledged graphic design software.
May not support all versions of PostScript files.
Complex interface for beginners and non-tech users.
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