by Privoxy Developers

Serves as a proxy for windows usage

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Privoxy Developers

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Privoxy is a non-caching proxy server with advanced filtering capabilities to protect privacy, modify web page data and HTTP protocol headers, and control connection access and ads removal. The Privoxy software has the ability to flexibly adjust to individual needs and tastes. This program has an application for both standalone systems and multiuser networks. Privoxy is free software with a GPL2 license. Privoxy is a project of the non-profit organization Software in the Public Interest (SPI)

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The general description is good, but it lists too many broad things that the true meaning gets lost for me. I think that is uses too much technical language for the average consumer to understand and comprehend.
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the general description is good, but it list too many broad things that the true meaning gets lost for me. i think that is uses too much technical language for the average consumer to understand and comprehend.
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privoxy is very useful for create a proxy and it that usage. privoxy is make proxy and useful of proxys and how to create a proxy and their uses.
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Brodie O.

Privoxy is an open-source web proxy and privacy manager designed to provide an extra layer of security and privacy when browsing the internet. It blocks ads, cookies, scripts, and other unwanted content, as well as providing anonymization and encryption of web traffic. Privoxy is available for both Windows and Unix-like systems.
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Charlie D*****e

I've been using Privoxy for a few months now and it's been great. It's a great tool for blocking ads and tracking cookies, and I've found it to be very reliable. The setup was simple, and it runs smoothly in the background without impacting my device's performance. Highly recommended!
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Luca I.

Privoxy is a lightweight, open source web proxy with a variety of privacy and filtering features to help you protect your online privacy. It works well and has a good user interface. It is easy to install and configure, with simple menus and settings. The filtering capabilities are quite powerful and allow you to block ads, cookies, and certain websites. It also has a variety of features that allow you to customize the filtering for specific needs. The performance is also quite good, with web pages loading quickly. However, some users have reported that the software can cause some problems with certain kinds of websites. Overall, Privoxy is a great tool for protecting your online privacy.
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Blake Q.

I found Privoxy to be a great tool for managing my online privacy, but the setup process was a bit more complicated than I expected and there were a few teething issues with the installatin.
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Sam Cintra

I've been using Privoxy for many years now and it has been a great help in keeping my browsing habits confidential and secure, making it a must-have for anyone concerend about their online privacey.
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Oscar C********q

Privoxy is a free and open-source web proxy software that provides privacy, filtering, and anonymity to its users. It can be used to block advertisements, protect against tracking, and remove cookies. The software is highly customizable and can be configured to work with most web browsers. Its features include support for SSL, HTTP, and FTP protocols, as well as the ability to block Java, JavaScript, and ActiveX. Privoxy is also compatible with Tor and can be used to add an extra layer of security to Tor browsing.
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