by The ProjectLibre community

A project management software which allows users to sort and work on projects simultaneously

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: The ProjectLibre community

Release: ProjectLibre 1.9.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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ProjectLibre is the best Windows software program for management, and specifically for user management of any ongoing projects and the like. Ideal for simple and advanced users alike, this software allows users to instantly manage and personalize their project organization so that you are never confused as to the location or status of your projects. It simplifies the experience of working with projects, sorting them, and being able to work on them simultaneously. I would highly recommend this to any simple or advanced PC user, any worker or student, and anyone with a Windows device in general.

It is absolutely free and open source and is an alternative to programs such as Microsoft Project. It allows you to run it on any device of yours as long as you have Java installed. It is the best open-source software for this, and of course, the fact that it does not require any subscription makes this the best software for this tool. It allows you to keep organized, keep your files sorted, and clean, and ultimately you will find that your projects are of much higher output with much better quality.

I personally intend to use this software much more, given that I am a student, and using this makes sure that all of my projects and assignments in my classes are each sorted independently and as I wan them to be. I would recommend that you download this not just because it’s free but because it will make your work life or academic life so much easier.

Open source and free, so you do not need a subscription

  • Project management all in one
  • Keeps files sorted and organized
  • Allow simultaneous management
  • Open source and free to download/use
  • Simple and elegant interface
ProjectLibre 1.5.9 (62.46 MB)
ProjectLibre 1.9.1 (62.46 MB)
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