Q-Dir Portable

by Nenad Hrg

A Windows file manager optimized to your needs

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Nenad Hrg

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Q-Dir Portable for Windows is a great utility to manage all of your files on your computer quickly and efficiently! It's great for anyone who has to transfer a number of files between different folders on a regular basis or has to do work with different systems.

Since this is a portable application, there's no sort of installation to slow you down. You can just double-click and open the program up right away! Once it's open you can set up to four individual screens to see files in various folders on any of your drives or USB devices. A great feature of this is that you can save the view you're looking at. So if you often move things between two specific folders, you won't have to go through the steps of opening everything multiple times. Rather you can just select one link and have everything open for you.

Of course, this program supports general functionality like drag and drop, so you can easily move files between different folders. If you would like to move files in a somewhat more manual method you can use the menus to send commands as well. This may be a little more time-consuming but it allows you a good amount of control since you'll have to worry less about accidental wrong clicks.

If you have an archived folder stored on your computer, you'll be able to go into it with ease without having to extract it. This will save you some valuable time. You can also filter your views by file type so you'll only see text files or you'll only see image files based on your preferences. It also has a great built-in search feature that searches not only file names but within the documents themselves.

Overall this is a great, highly customizable program that is easy to set up and allows the user to quickly and easily use any sort of functionality on their computer. Even a beginner user will be able to run all over their computer accomplishing challenging tasks without even having to think about it!

Lets you quickly regulate all of your hard drives or storage devices
it makes so easy to work with my files,you can access any usb files withou crushes , best one I ever try.I am really happy using this app.
Finn L*******w
Q-Dir Portable is a free file manager that enables users to manage and organize their files and folders with ease. It features a multi-tabbed interface, folder and file previews, drag and drop support, and more.
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A type of software that checks to see if files are fully secure.
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The file Manager for Windows