by Andreas Stefik

A phone conference server enabling creation and management of calls and conferences.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Andreas Stefik

Release : Quorum 2.03

Antivirus check: passed

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Quorum is a software that operates as a conference call server on any Windows computer. Users can connect to a conference call using standard lines or VoIP on external phone numbers or through an office telephone system. The number of people able to join a conference is only limited by your bandwidth.

The software assigns and reads a unique and secure conference number when the user chooses the option to create a new conference. The conference organizer then gives this number to each participant. As soon as someone dials the server's number and enters this conference number, they join the ongoing conversation with the other members of the conference.

  • User-friendly web interface for creating and managing conference calls
  • Display of the virtual conference room through a web browser with the ability to download documents for participants to view
  • Capability to handle an unlimited number of concurrent conferences. The number of calls and conferences is only limited by your bandwidth
  • Can connect via VoIP using the international standard SIP protocol. No special hardware is required if VoIP is used
  • Can directly connect to ordinary phone lines (or analog PBX extensions) using telephony devices

Quorum is also able to connect to a Skype number so Skype users can connect using the Uplink Skype to SIP adapter. New conference IDs can be easily assigned via phone. Users can join any predefined conference using the assigned conference number.

Quorum allows for unlimited conference calls, limited only by your bandwidth, enhancing communication efficiency.

Voice prompts can be easily modified via the user interface, and VoIP calls can be made using free SIP VoIP service providers, offering savings on call costs if necessary. Quorum can be installed and ready to host conferences within minutes, with a very simple user interface for easy daily use.

Windows operating system required
Internet connection for VoIP functionality
Capability to connect to phone lines or PBX extensions
Ability to work with SIP protocol for VoIP calls

Allows unlimited number of concurrent conferences limited only by bandwidth.
Web interface facilitates easy management and setup of conferences.
Ability to connect via VoIP or ordinary phone lines.

Limited by your internet bandwidth for calls/conferences.
Interface customization might be challenging for new users.
Requires SIP VoIP service for VoIP calls.
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