Real Drum

by Real Drum

Transform your Android device into a portable drum set with 13 distinct instruments.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Real Drum

Release : Real Drum 7.2

Antivirus check: passed

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Real Drum is an application that can transform your Android device into a genuine drum kit that you can play with your fingers. Real Drum offers its users a variety of arrangements for cymbals, kick drums, and pedals. All in all, there are 13 different instruments that you can play simply by using your fingers, producing very realistic sounds.

  • Multiple arrangements of cymbals, bass drums, and pedals
  • 13 different instruments to play with your fingers
  • Ability to record your play and use it as a sample
  • Over 60 integrated rhythms to play along with

The most exciting aspect of Real Drum is that it allows you to record your play and create a sample from it. This way, you can create a simple base and play it over another rhythm. This gives users an opportunity to unleash their creativity and compose their own music.

In addition to the ability to easily create samples, Real Drum includes over 60 rhythms that you can activate simply by touching. The best part is that you can still drum over these rhythms to create your own compositions.

Real Drum allows users to easily create, record, and experiment with their own drum rhythms.

With Real Drum, you have the opportunity to unleash your creativity anywhere and anytime. However, it's always better to have headphones at hand to avoid disturbing those around you, unless you're exceptionally skilled at drumming.

Android operating system required
Touch screen functionality
Microphone access for recording feature
Speaker or headphone compatibility

Provides a variety of arrangements for cymbals, kick drums, and pedals.
Ability to easily record your play and use it as a sample.
Over 60 integrated rhythms to play along with for creativity enhancement.

Sound quality may not replicate real drums accurately.
Lacks advanced features for professional use.
Interface can be confusing for beginners.
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