by Associazione RealMeteo

Automated software that displays constantly refreshed satellite images of a selected location

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Associazione RealMeteo

Release: RealMeteo 6.1.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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There are many reasons why someone might have a use for fresh updates or images of a given location. For one example, someone who is doing marketing for a popular tourist destination such as a museum may wish to create little slideshows featuring images of the location and real-time updated weather forecasts to display on televisions and displays around the museum or tourist center. In the past, programming such as things would be challenging, but RealMeteo for Windows makes it easier than ever. With this fantastic and lightweight program, users simply set a configuration of the public space, commercial space, or tourist destination/area they want to observe, and the program will automatically pull real-time satellite images and other data for display in a handy slideshow that looks amazing. The best part is that users do not have to spend their time updating these images or destinations themselves because the entire program is designed around the philosophy of being self-updating and as intuitive and useful as possible. 

This program is extremely detailed in how it pulls location data, ensuring that the weather forecasts are as accurate as possible. Users do not simply type in the name of the location they want. To be more specific, users have to provide the exact GPS coordinates of the location they desire. This not only makes the program function faster but ensures that it will deliver the most precise accuracy a user could need. There are additional customization options available for users to take advantage of, such as the ability to personalize slideshows by adding personal images and descriptions of the location. Displays can also be watermarked and saved for later usage if users do not always want to have to recalibrate the program. For anyone who has an interest in the weather or geography in general and can think of creative uses for this information, this program is sure to be a fantastic asset.


Create customized slideshows featuring real-time information of any given location with updated weather forecasts
  • Program is fully automated, and thus users only have to configure it the first time that they select a new location, the program even automatically restarts after system shutdown
  • An excellent tool for monitoring updated statuses of public community places, commercial spaces, and tourist centers in particular including hotels, museums, and convention centers
  • Ability to include up to 10 personal images in the automated slideshow to give it a more personalized feeling for using this program as marketing material or in a presentation
  • Users can save as many slideshow presentations of different locations as they want so that they do not have to reconfigure the program every time they want to swap quickly. 
  • The program can run in a portable mode without installation and has a multitude of customization options and even the ability to pull real-time updated weather forecasts

Supports all versions of Windows from XP onward

RealMeteo 6.1.0 (12.77 MB)
RealMeteo 6.1.1 (12.77 MB)
If you're looking for a tool that will give you satellite snapshots of any location, then check out RealMeteo for Windows. This program will make it easy for you to check on the weather, which is a handy functionality. You can collate all of the information provided through the platform to make your own slideshow, which you can even insert your own photos into.
RealMeteo tool is automated tools that shows constantly shows in moderate windows and it was updated satellite image. It waws creative and informative weather. It is easy to handle and the use free to download and safe.
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