Registry First Aid

by Rose City Software LLC

Used for registry scanning of orphaned file and folder references and corrects these registry entries.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Rose City Software LLC

Release: Registry First Aid 10.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Registry First Aid is a Vertical Market Utility that scans the registry for orphaned file and folder references, locates these files or folders that may have been displaced to another location from their original allocations, and then corrects their entries to match the located files or folders.


  • It finds invalid file and folder references in Windows registry
  • It finds and corrects invalid file associations
  • It finds and corrects outdated start menu items
  • It finds and corrects invalid Firewall rules
  • It finds and corrects invalid application paths
  • It supports compacting and de-fragmenting registry files
  • It supports creating full registry backups
  • It supports creating small registry backups only modified entries
  • It supports the restoration of any particular modified registry entry to its original state
  • It supports the scheduling of automatic registry scan

Because computers users create and delete files at all times, there are occasions when these files may slow down the computer and cause it to freeze which may require a hard reboot of the computer. Another similar scenario is when users move their files from one drive to another thus causing a break in the file links. At these two instances, the use of Registry First Aid will help to find these files and folders that may have been disrupted or moved on the hard drive while allocating the correct registry entries that point to them.

Thus, the purpose of the Registry First Aid is to make the necessary scan of the Windows registry and then make appropriate corrections to the registry entries to match the located files or folders as needed. In addition, for those registry references that have links to files that have been deleted from the computer, Registry First Aid finds these invalid entries and deletes them from the registry. Hence, with Registry First Aid, Windows registry will be always clean and correct as it helps users' programs load faster and increases the speed of the computer.

Registry First Aid is deemed the best and people's choice when it comes to windows registry repair.

The product seems like it would be very useful in increasing the speed of your computer by correcting the placement of certain files on your computer. However, the website needs some work. Although I'm sure the product itself is okay, the website looks sketchy. If someone were to stumble upon it, they may hesitate to download it for fear of getting a virus. I think that once the website is updated, people will be more than happy to download the software.
The Registry First Aid product looks to be a product that would be extremely useful when it comes to increasing the speed of your computer, by placing files where they need to be, and making corrections to those files on your computer. I did think the website itself needed some work, it looks a tad sketchy, and makes me a little skeptical, and personally less likely to download this file, in fear of getting a virus. If the website was to be updated, I think many people would be more apt to use this software.
Registry First Aid is a software program that allows users to scan for and detect invalid files and entries in the directory. It serves the function of speeding up the PC, as well as making functioning more reliable and less vulnerable to errors. It is for both repair and maintenance purposes.
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