Android Commander

Manage the Android Terminal from your PC

Operating system: Windows

Release: Android Commander

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.91072

The Android Commander is software that helps you to manage the Android terminal from your personal desktop computer.  With an easy to use Windows interface, Android Commander will be able to install and uninstall applications, check information about the terminal and take screenshots.  The intuitive interface will assist in installing APK's and uninstall applications with a simple click.  The application will root itself into the system files allowing you to have unlimited access to all aspects of your Android device.  Featuring dual panels, the Android Commander is a small but powerful utility for anyone that wants to be able to manage their Android device from their PC Laptop or Desktop Computer.  Andoird Commander also features a shell console that will allow users with UNIX expertise to get even more from this powerful application.  


  • Intuitive Interface
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Install and Uninstall Applications
  • Check information about the Android Terminal
  • Check the status of the battery
  • Take Screenshots
  • Install APK's
  • Transfer Files
  • Run a Console
  • Flash your Phone
  • Synchronize and Backup your Phone Data

The Android Commander is a powerful application that can be used in several ways to help manage your Android Terminal.  You will need a rooted Android terminal, the ABD USB drivers installed on your PC and a USB cable to install it but once installed it will be a valuable tool for managing your Android Terminal. You will not have any issues in response time after utilizing it and it can be used to find the root cause of a phone malfunction.  Even on the smallest scale, the Android Commander can be used to transfer files between your personal desktop or laptop to your mobile phone and vice versa.  Andoird Commander is an excellent tool to get into the ins and outs of your Android phone or tablet file system.  

Powerful application that is less complicated then other applications


USB Cable

Rooted Android Terminal

ADB USB Drivers 

Windows 32 bit and 64 bit Operating Systems

PC or Laptop



Ewan (unverified)
Android commander helps you manage your android terminal from your desktop. If you can't get to your terminal or if you just prefer working from your desktop, it's great to have. Easy to install as well.
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