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Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Dr. Bob

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RetroShare is a free client program that allows you to create a hidden secure network and communicate privately with the right people. Data transferred between network subscribers is reliably encrypted using GnuPG and OpenSSL tools. Also, the program supports Tor and I2P technologies, thanks to which, users can incognito stay in the Internet space and exchange information.

RetroShare has a built-in messenger that resembles ICQ in design and functionality. It allows you to exchange text messages, add smileys and pictures, make video and voice calls and transfer small files. In addition, the programme has an internal e-mail address that allows for confidential correspondence. Using additional functions of the client, subscribers of the network will be able to communicate in private and public chats and exchange information in forums. The program also supports news channels. By subscribing to your friends' news feeds, you will be able to discuss interesting news and evaluate the best positions. All this will help to unite people into various thematic communities and create a large information space.

One of the most attractive features of the RetroShare customer is the ability to quickly share large files over P2P and F2F encrypted networks. In fact, it can be called a private torrent tracker, using which you can easily exchange any files.

- A direct peer to peer connection will allow you to share information only with the people you want;

- Reliability of identification and authorization of your friends;

- Decentralized social network for information exchange;

- the ability to communicate with friends of your friends to expand your network of communication;

- an encrypted connection where only you and your opponent know about the content of the information being transmitted;

- secure e-mail, file exchange, chat, forum, news channels, messenger with video and voice communication.

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