AMD Ryzen Master

by Advanced Micro Devices

Fine tune the performance of AMD Ryzen Processors

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Advanced Micro Devices

Release: AMD Ryzen Master

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.4885

The AMD Ryzen Master utility for Windows offers an easy and intuitive way to take advantage of the powerful, performance-boosting features available with an AMD Ryzen processor. Every AMD Ryzen processor ships from the factory multiplier-unlocked but you need software to access and control those features. While there are many third-party software solutions that allow you to overclock and fine tune processors, AMD Ryzen Master is the only utility designed specifically for AMD Ryzen processors. Because AMD Ryzen Master is developed and supported by AMD, it works seamlessly with your AMD Ryzen processor to take advantage of the features unique to AMD Ryzen processors. Third-party software solutions may contain features that are incompatible with your AMD Ryzen processor and/or lack the ability to control some of the features of your AMD Ryzen processor. The easy to use interface of AMD Ryzen Master and both in-application and online help make AMD Ryzen Master a great choice for anyone new to overclocking, while the multitude of features will appeal to even the most experienced users. In addition to precise control of your CPU, AMD Ryzen Master also offers to overclock support for your processor's integrated Radeon Vega graphical processor and system monitoring.      


  • Up to four customizable profiles to let you easily switch between general performance boosting, power saving, and fine-tuning for specific applications
  • Integrated GPU Overclocking allows you to fine-tune the performance of your AMD Ryzen Processor's integrated Radeon Vega graphics processor.
  • System Monitoring for both real-time as well as recent information on peak and average core temperature, speed, power, and current 
  • Native language support in English, German, French, and Simplified Chinese

AMD Ryzen Master for Windows is a must-have utility for anyone that wants to precisely control and maximize the performance of their AMD Ryzen Processor.

Designed specifically to work with AMD Ryzen Processors

Anthony Nguyen (unverified)
The Ryzen Master software has a multitude of amazing features that allow an easy of overclocking your Ryzen base cpu weather its the first generation ryzen 3 1200 series or the latest most powerful ryzen 9 3900X, AMD Ryzen master will help you overclock it with ease. AMD Ryzen Master can also help you overclock your Vega Base Gpu, and the best part it's developed and supported by AMD. Ryzen Master is the only software you'll ever need!
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