Rootkit Revealer

by Microsoft SysInternals

Advanced rootkit utility tool which detects errors present in the registry associated with rootkits

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Microsoft SysInternals

Release: Rootkit Revealer 1.71

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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RootKitRevealer is a Windows software program that is advanced but simple to use for beginners. The function of the program is that it shows the user errors in the registry and file system API. These errors could signify that there is a rootkit present in the system, be it of user-mode or kernel-mode. It is very reliable in the detection of existent rootkits in the system and thoroughly scans for them. This is ideal for anyone that is having issues, perhaps with an older, or maybe even a newer, PC or laptop, in terms of lag and performance. This program helps the user clean up any errors in the registry by detecting many commonly used rootkits.

It is vital that a user knows which rootkits are available in the system, as these can impact the performance of your device. Perhaps these rootkits would not be detectable otherwise, and so this program is vital for understanding the storage of your device. Although the command line option is no longer available, as seen in previous versions, this is a safety upgrade from malicious attacks to the software and its performance. This software program is very simple and easy to figure out, as users who use it are generally advanced in their technical ability as is.

Nonetheless, there are steps available for use in the case of brand new users who are experimenting with rootkits or their detection on the device. I would recommend this piece of software as one of the most reliable of its kind out there, and there is a reliable history of the program to prove it. It is quite an advanced rootkit utility and runs to have its output be file system or registry errors or any other things which look amiss. It is mainly used to detect rootkits that do attempt to hide their files, as these cannot be detected in any other way, and so to detect these rootkits such as AFX and Vanquish, a user must have this software program installed for clarity of the device and registry contents.

Overall I applaud the creators of the application for making this novel sort of software product that I think anyone from advanced users to beginner users would benefit from. It is quite a piece of work, is free to install and use, and is reliable at that. I will definitely use this program more when I begin to experiment with my registry even more and recommend this.

Detects many prominent rootkits and is very reliable in its performance and detection

  • Advanced rootkit detection
  • Targets rootkits associated with hidden files in the registry
  • Enables the user to detect errors in the registry and deal with them automatically
  • Quite simple for use and detects at a fast pace
  • Reliable in detecting many prominently used rootkits such as AFX and Vanquish
Old but effective program that has a basic interface but is easy to understand, if you want to run a check on your computer from time to time, just to see if you had a rootkit installed without knowing it. This is the program.
If you're looking for a rootkit scanner then look no further than Rootkit Revealer for Windows. This program helps track down any rootkits on your device and then provides a list of all of the problematic discrepancies identified. I appreciate how effective and efficient its detective mechanisms are since it can even find the worst offenders, like HackerDefender as well as AFX.
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