Samsung Scan Assistant

by Samsung

A scanner utility that makes the scanning and processing of scanned images on any Samsung scanner more efficient

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Samsung

Release: Samsung Scan Assistant 5.2

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Samsung Scan Assistant allows you to control the scan parameters, manipulate and edit the scanned image, and output the final image to file, servers, email, editing software or printers.  With Scan Assistant you can control what gets scanned, how it gets scanned, and how it is output.


  • Image type selection
  • Adjust scan resolution, color depth and file size
  • Zoom in and out, flip images, crop images
  • Automation features
  • Auto cropping
  • Auto detection of blank pages
  • Scan from TWAIN compliant image editing programs (Adobe Photoshop)
  • Post-scanning image editing using Image Manager
  • Scan to FTP/SMB servers
  • Scan using WIA drivers
  • Lasso tool
  • Works with 32-bit and 64-bit systems

Samsung Scan Assistant is written by Samsung for Samsung scanners: no one understand Samsung hardware better than Samsung. It allows you to produce the best possible image using any Samsung scanner. Scan Assistant uses an intuitive graphical interface to make scanning images on any Samsung scanner easy and efficient. Drop-down menus and large icon buttons make parameter selection and image editing easy and straight forward.

Samsung Scan Assistant is produced by Samsung and is completely free to use with no restrictions.

With Scan Assistant, you can scan from a network connected scanner, scan to email, scan to FTP/SMB servers, scan from a TWAIN-compliant image editing program (Adobe Photoshop), or scan using the WIA driver. (Note: some of the features are only available with compatible scanners.)

Automation features allow you to streamline recurring scan tasks: auto cropping, auto detection of blank pages, and auto image e-mailing.

Post-scan editing is done in the Image Manager application, which includes zooming in-and-out, cropping, rescaling, rotating, flipping, and brightness and contrast controls. While Image Manager is not a full-featured image editing package, Scan Assistant can be configured to output to your favorite image editing software.

Samsung Scan Assistant is licensed as Freeware for the Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) operating system and can be used without restrictions.

The Samsung Scan Assistant for Windows systems is a life-saver! It is a printer management application (or app) that helps you to organize and manage several printers within your network with ease and efficiency. You can screen your printers on the system you use and is great for those just starting out and those who are more experienced! I would say that everyone should have it downloaded!
scan features in Windows have always been lacking, it is very useful to have the features of full scanning software, Samsung scan assistant can not only manage your scans but also has image editing features such as crop and straighten. The Samsung scanning software can output files in different formats which is more useful than the Windows built-in solution. I would recommend this software.
This software is great for diagnosing issues without having to go see a professional. The software is always helpful, but it's especially helpful if you have a printer that might be acting up. This assistant lets you know if your printer is on the fritz and walks you through how to fix it. Very easy to use. I like how straightforward this is because it can be easy to get confused with new software.
Samsung Scan Assistant is a free download software for windows. This free software makes scanning images and the process of scanning those images easier and more efficient. You can use this software to edit scanned images and includes many features. You can use this software to zoom in and out and to crop images. This software works with two windows systems, the 32-bit, and the 64-bit. The best part is that the software is free to download.
The Samsung scan assistant for windows is a free printer management software. This would be ideal for someone who has several different printers on the same network because you can manage each printer separately. You are also able to manage all of your printers directly from one computer. One of the best features of the scan assistant is the application will relate data from each printer letting you know about the toner, paper, and other features of that specific printer, and if they are low. So from one computer, you can manage each individual printer's settings as well as if they need refills on anything.
A great product. I was able to zoom in and out and scan my document with ease. It is very user friendly and what I loved most about it was that it can detect black pages. I would definitely recommend this.
Samsung Scan Assistant for Windows is a program that makes it so much easier to make scans. I most appreciate that I can scan files in batches and that I can take advantage of the countdown timer to make the process go that much more quickly. Overall, I've found this to be a great timesaver for me.
This is designed to assist with and make all your scanning needs. The software enables you to scan print and fax more efficiently saving you time and making the process hassle free. Samsung scan assistant for Windows can be downloaded free of charge and the Microsoft App Store
Samsung Scan Assistant is a free Windows software download. This free software makes scanning photographs and the scanning process simpler and more efficient. This software may be used to modify scanned images and has a variety of capabilities. You may also manage all of your printers from a single computer. One of the finest benefits of the scan assistant is that it will correlate data from each printer, informing you about the toner, paper, and other aspects of that specific printer, as well as whether they are low. So, from a single computer, you can manage each printer's settings as well as whether or not they require any refills.
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