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A better screen mirroring

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: SAMSUNG

Release: Samsung Smart View trial version

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Last revision: Last week

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Finally finally FINALLY I have found something that works so much better than the other screencasting that Samsung had released on previous devices. This is much better than all of the apple versions as well. About three to four years ago I owned a Samsung Galaxy S7 that I held on to forever because at the time it was pretty powerful, and there was no real urgency to upgrade, and the built in screen mirroring (which was called soemthing else at the time) was absolutely terrible. It was god awful, it wasn't stable at all and it would always either lose connection during a cast, sometimes crash out entirely, or sometimes just not even synch up, to begin with, let me tell you, after a while, this began to get very frustrating! It seems as though Samsung has definitely gotten it right when it comes to this latest build, however!

This Samsung Smart View thing is so fast! I can easily go from my phone the switch over to synch or cast anything on my phones screen super fast right to whatever monitor I want with this. No more having to wait to find devices or have devices that aren't compatible. This so far has worked with just about every tv that I have tried it with. easily. and seamlessly. This even works with non-Samsung products because it's built for the Windows 10 operating system and has a massive list of compatible devices. This is super useful whether you are wanting to watch tv, that favorite movie on Netflix stream a youtube video to show someone or whatever else you might want to watch, this can finally do it all with ease!

All in all, after a few failures they certainly seem to have gotten it right this time, and I'm sure the next one will be even better! Definitely would recommend if you're looking into something that is actually quality and reliable to be able to do screencasting or screen mirroring!

Way better, faster and more stable than previous versions

Works best using windows 10 and Samsung tv's

Samsung Smart View for Windows is a downloadable smartphone/PC app. it allows you to connect your smartphone or PC to your Samsung Smart TV through a local Wi-Fi network. You can then use your phone or PC to play movie/TV content on your TV, to display pictures on you TV, or to play music on your TV. You can use your phone as the remote. This seems like a handy option for cord-cutters who have given up cable and satellite, and who have a fast cell connection with lots of data usage available.
I love using Samsung Smart View for Windows because this program allows me the ability to watch content that I'd normally watch on my cell phone or my computer, or any other device of my choosing, directly on my Samsung Smart TV. I also love that I'm able to use my cell phone as a remote control for the TV since this adds a little extra layer of convenience and makes my watching experience more smooth and seamless.
Samsung Smart View for Windows is a software product that allows users to control Samsung Smart TV with your cellphone and not having to use your traditional TC remote control. The Samsun Smart View for Windows software product also allows users to create playlists on your cellphone to allow to share to all of their personal favorite pictures, full length videos, and audio music files. This software product is easy to use and helps with sharing files from your cellphone to your Samsun Smart TV.
I love using Samsung Smart View for Windows because it's a program that I can use to view all of the multimedia files that I have stored on my cell phone and on my computer device directly on my Samsung TV. It takes my viewing experience to a whole new level and I appreciate that it doesn't compromise the quality of the files at all.
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