by Ronen Tzur

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Ronen Tzur

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Sandboxie is a software that is designed to work safely at your computer, especially when surfing the Internet. Sandboxie launches the program (e.g. a browser) so that it runs offline and is isolated from other system services. Thus, the data about the work of this program are not saved in the registry, system folders and other system storages. Unlike running programs normally, when their data is stored in different areas of the hard disk, when you run a program from under Sandboxie, all data is stored in a separate isolated storage, which is then easily cleaned. This approach will provide protection against unwanted access to important data, protect against Trojan horses and make it easier to clean up the system.

Matthew (unverified)
This is actually a very good idea and product. It will protect the end user from unintentionally falling into dangerous and damaging websites. This will in turn isolate your computer so that if you do catch something damaging online that it can easily be separated and cleansed.
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