Save to Pocket

by GetPocket

Save any pages on the web

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: GetPocket

Release: Save to Pocket

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If you haven't heard about Save to Pocket, it's a service that is provided by Microsoft and some other platforms like Chrome. Save to pocket is a really helpful tool, because it allows us to save any pages on the web, kinda like a bookmark, just with one click. Not only will this platform bookmark something for us, but the save to pocket tool will allow us to save anything we save on our desktop sync into our pocket app on the phone. We can organize a lot of documents; for example, we can have cooking recipes and work-related content into organized by having them be separated into nice and easy to navigate places.

Another cool thing about Save to Pocket is that it allows us to personalized story recommendations specifically to us, showing us recommendations that might interest or intrigue us. Save to Pocket tool is one of the best ways to organize articles, videos, and more by allowing us to save them, giving us easy access if we want to get back to the same thing. We can also get recommendations with anything that interests us. They can capture news from The New York Times, post from Pinterest, and even videos from youtube.

When it comes to actually save whatever it might be that we would like to save, there are three ways to save content. Therefore its almost method proof for a lot of people, despite if they have a lack of experience with laptops, it's really easy to learn to save the content. These are the reasons why I think Save to Pocket for Windows is essential and helpful to anyone.


  • save anything that is an interest
  • 3 ways to save content 
  • free and offered on couple platforms
  • news/article recommendations
  • add tags and sort save content
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