by SaferPass s.r.o.

A password manager program which safely and securely stores all passwords in a single base

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: SaferPass s.r.o.

Release: SaferPass 6.6.13

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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This Windows program is an advanced password manager which is quite innovative in nature when it comes to preserving user security and privacy. It allows users to safely store passwords in a base that is inaccessible by others. It is integrated with several features such as automatic logging out of accounts when not in use and updating security methods as required. It also works across all platforms, meaning that it is very compatible and does not leave users without the option to work while worrying about their user information. Designed as a tool to prevent identity theft, it is highly compatible with all platforms and successfully accomplishes all that it needs to. It also automatically logs you into various accounts and platforms if you so wish to do so. It works with laptops, tablets, and other devices and allows others to get access to data via a master password. The master password is the key password, which is only known by the user, and so this makes this the best setup for any password manager program. This one is very easy to download and is simple to use, so I would recommend this to all users, basically because you need to ensure your own security. This is not only ideal for email and social media accounts, but this sort of function is necessary when accessing other accounts such as finances and others, which may store sensitive user information.

Master password to have access to all passwords only accessibly to you, compatible with all platforms

  • Password manager which safely and securely stores passwords
  • Master password for user
  • Update security methods of accounts
  • Prevention of identity theft through inaccessible data
  • Compatible with all platforms

For Windows users