Serial to Ethernet Connector

by Eltima Software

A connector program which enables users to create a virtual serial port over a desired network

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Eltima Software

Release : Serial to Ethernet Connector 8.0.1113

Antivirus check: passed

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This Windows software free program allows devices to work over the desired network. It is perfect for users who would like to work over a network and make use of a virtual serial port from any computer acting as a server base. It is effortless to use and has an elegant interface that is very personalized and able to be customized to meet the desires of the user. It does not give you any issues with compatibility as it works with different connection types and also works all across platforms. It allows any two devices to utilize a virtual serial port and also allows the connection of serial ports over Ethernet. It allows users to get remote access from any other location. It is the perfect program for enabling users to facilitate a server connection of multiple serial port utilities. It works over networks and allows remote access in this manner. You are essentially turning your network into a virtual serial device on your own device, and it is easy as can be. Such advanced functions cannot be performed with such ease using other alternative programs, so this program is rated as being a very reliable product from a very reliable company. I would highly recommend this software product as it provides all of the functionality required to create this sort of network environment, and it is complex. Still, it can be done all in a few steps with this simple and elegant interface. Data is allowed to be sent and returned from various serial devices and enables the transformation of devices, which becomes very useful and multifaceted. I would highly urge users to look into this program, as it is handy and ideal for those looking to perfect their network environment.

Allows users to work over a network to allow such functions as remote access and multiple serial port utilities

  • Use the virtual serial port
  • Compatible with various connection types
  • Works across all platforms
  • Turns the device into a virtual serial device
  • Advanced functions with a simple interface
Operating system: Windows 7/8/10
Free hard disk space: 20MB or more
Network connection required
RAM: Minimum 512MB

Enables remote access and management of serial devices over network.
Offers secure and reliable data transmission between connected devices.
Supports a wide range of operating systems and protocols.

Can have issues with some firewall and antivirus applications.
Requires technical expertise for proper setup and troubleshooting.
Connectivity issues can occur with unstable internet connections.
image/svg+xmlBotttsPablo Stanley Körner Adam
Great product, have been struggling to find a reliable connector for a long time as my laptop doesn't have a Serial port. The connector worked very well even with slow broadband speed. Would definitely recommend. However, if possible due to the cost, may be more cost efficient to purchase a laptop or computer that has a Serial port to avoid this problem.
image/svg+xmlBotttsPablo Stanley Körner Nathan E.
Serial to Ethernet Connector is an advanced software solution for sharing serial port devices over TCP/IP network turning your computer into a low-cost terminal server. The software allows you to access any serial port devices connected to remote computers from anywhere in the world, as if they were connected to your local machine. It supports both telnet and direct TCP/IP connections, a wide range of protocols, and provides a secure and reliable connection.
image/svg+xmlBotttsPablo Stanley Körner Joshua V********b
1. Serial to Ethernet Connector software is an effective solution for creating direct network connections between remote devices. 2. I used this software to bridge serial communication between remote locations and it worked well with minimal configuration. 3. It is easy to install and use, and the user interface is intuitive. 4. The application has a wide range of customization options, so it can be used for a variety of tasks. 5. It is stable and reliable, and provides good performance even when dealing with large amounts of data. 6. The customer support is responsive and helpful. 7. The pricing is reasonable and the licensing is flexible. 8. It is compatible with many different operating systems. 9. I found the documentation to be thorough and helpful. 10. I have been using this software for several months and have not encountered any major issues.
image/svg+xmlBotttsPablo Stanley Körner Luke X.
I found Serial to Ethernet Connector to be quite easy to use, but it did take me a while to figur out how to configure the settngs.
image/svg+xmlBotttsPablo Stanley Körner Sean Magstadt
I'm very pleased with Serial to Ethernet Connector software - it's been extremely reliable and easey to configure.
image/svg+xmlBotttsPablo Stanley Körner Jackson Solarski
Serial to Ethernet Connector is a software that allows you to connect a serial device to a local network via Ethernet. It enables you to share and access serial ports over a network, making remote communication with serial devices possible. The software supports various platforms and protocols, including TCP/IP, UDP/IP, and HTTP. It provides secure data transmission and supports advanced connection settings, such as flow control and baud rate. Additionally, it offers flexible configuration options and a user-friendly interface for easy setup and management.
image/svg+xmlBotttsPablo Stanley Körner Max
Had a smooth experience converting the serial data to Ethernet.
image/svg+xmlBotttsPablo Stanley Körner Luke
Efficient, reliable for remote serial device access. Makes network device management easier. Superior functionality, user-friendly interface. Essential for network connectivity issues. Streamlines the integration of hardware devices. Practical, efficient for managing network devices. Solves remote access issues effectively. Frustration-free serial device networking. Reliable remote access to devices. Effective solution for serial communication.
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