by SIW

Analyzes your computer and gathers detailed information

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: SIW

Release: SIW 4.10.1016b

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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SIW (for Windows) gives you whatever information you want, everything from what operating system you have to your installed codecs and motherboard specs to network the information

SIW presents its information in a clean, extremely comprehensible manner.


SIW is packed with many features that tells you anything you want to know about your computer's hardware and software.
  • Analyzes your computer and gathers detailed information
  • Displays information in a cohesive manner
  • Can create a report file
  • Broadband speed test
  • Memory Use Manager
  • Direct access to Microsofts built-in features
  • Full report-creation features

SIW is a software application for Windows. This specific application is very friendly software due to its features. 1 feature this application provides for its users is that it is displayed in an easy-to-read manner and is very clean, coherent, and organized. The vocabulary that is used is very understandable and easy to read.

SIW has another feature, this feature is the main goal of the application. It wants to gather detailed information after analyzing your computer and rephrasing it to your understanding. This software technology can retrieve and receive information on many levels. SIW tells you about your computer itself more specifically about system properties, settings, your operating system, motherboard specs, and etc.

SIW is split into a few major categories based on the data they have analyzed or collected: Software Information, Hardware Information, Network Information, and Tools. 

SIW is 1 of the most useful software applications, although you may not need this piece of software right now I guarantee you may need it in the future. This application is very friendly and is displayed in a very understandable manner and also has many other features you may want to use. 

Gian Gorigliocci
Tired of having to needlessly browse your way through your control panel, wasting precious seconds of your time? Now, you can get all the info you want for you PC with SIW. It can test internet speeds, get your PC's specs, and can manage your memory usage. I'm getting too old for these hip new computers with all their bells and whistles. I like SIW because it's made for people even as slow as me. Overall, SIW is a neat application.
Elle Jay
This is a great app for getting to know your computer. It analyzes your computer and oprovides information about both hardware and software in a cohesive, easy to understand manner. I can check your broadband speed as well as analyze your memory specs, storage, and other specs as well.
The best part about this product is how user friendly it is for people without a lot of computer background. The terminology is very simple to read. And everything is presented in a way that is very easy to figure out and understand.
SIW tells the user detailed information of the pc, like the motherboard specs,installed codecs. The information is all displayed coherently and comprehensive. If you want to know anything about your pc's hardware or software then I would definitely recommend this product to anybody and everybody!
If you have new software or hardware to install on your Windows computer and unsure if your machine meets the minimum requirements as described on the packaging, there is a software program that will give you the information you need! Enter SIW! Along with many other uses, SIW can produce a detailed report of your system's specs for easy comparison prior to installing anything new!
Ethan Gentile
SIW for Windows, also known as System Information for Windows, is a program that creates a report on your system in an easy-to-understand manner. It's a good tool if you want to find out more about the state of your Windows machine.
SIW for Windows lets you find out so much about your computer. I bought a Dell computer last year and installed a bunch of software on it. After I downloaded SIW for Windows online, I was able to see the comprehensive list of software, hardware, network information, and tools I have forgotten I've installed on my computer. It was amazing. It displayed in detail the system properties of my computer. It was exactly what I had wanted to know. This software does the trick.
SIW for Windows is a great tool to utilize when you need system information beyond what your computer already provides. This program will analyze your computer and provide detailed information about your system. For example, you can run reports for software, hardware, network, and tools in an easy-to-understand format. This is an awesome tool to retrieve information.
It helps us to explore the computer's hardware and software information through an intuitive interface. This app comes with a free trial to the users. It gives the every piece of information whatever is needed. SIW has greater extended support for various software and network settings. I'M very impressed with its main feature i.e., an on-demand method for loading system information. But some of the features in this tool makes our system to slow down or crash sometimes.
If you want detailed information about your computer’s specs and properties/settings, such as BIOS, CPU, motherboard, PCI, USB, memory, monitor, disk drives, CD/DVD devices, network cards, installed programs, processes, and many more, then SIW is the program for you. SIW can run as a standalone or in batch mode, and creates a report file. To further add to this, you don’t need to install the standalone version, you can run it directly from a USB.
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