Allway Sync

by Allway Sync

Sync data between laptops, phones, and tablets from an easy to use interface

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Allway Sync

Release: Allway Sync

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Do you need to access the files on your computer, from your phone? Or the other way around? Or just make sure that you always have access to them? As more people use both phones and computers, this is becoming a more common issue that these users will deal with. Thankfully, this piece of software is both free and easy to use. You should be able to find what you looking for. 


  • Any size file will work with this program. Need to transfer an extremely large file? No need to worry. this program has no file size limits. 
  • Back up and restore. We all fear to lose our phone, or even worse, our computer. Thankfully, if you are syncing the files from one to another using this program, you will be able to access them even after such a loss.
  • Simple and easy to use graphic user interface. This is an important part of the feature set of this program because it means that you don't need to be a computer expert or a software engineer to use the simple options to sync files between your devices with ease.
  • The program can detect deletions. If a file has been deleted on one of your devices, it will automatically become deleted on the other device. This is useful because it can allow you to remove unwanted files that are doing nothing but taken up space and making your file explorer look like an eyesore.
  • You can even sync your files to a USB drive so that you can take them with you wherever you go. You will not need to worry about manually dragging and dropping files anymore, because with this program you can now do it automatically.
  • Sync files over the network. You won't even have to plug in a device, with this feature any devices on your network can sync.

This is a great free program to use to sync your files.

Free software
Scott Steen
This application or software is used for syncing the passwords and all other important datas between laptops, computers, ipads, tablets, and smartphones. This application help us to store and restore the needed datas.
This sync product does it all! It can sync your data between both PC and Apple products (laptop and desktop computers, tablets, usb drives, and more). It is also able to sync your files from online servers like the apple cloud and google drive. The user interface is easy enough to navigate and understand that an absolute beginner would be able to use it.
When first browsing throughout softradar, I was very surprised to see the vast amount of applications that are available for you to install with a click of a button. It is very easy to navigate the website, and provides many useful tools such as video editors, to game emulators all for free!
Callum Loper
Allway Sync for Windows is software for syncing information over a cloud service between computers and cloud so that you can serve and transfer multiple files over networks. If you are trying to transfer files over a network and do not want to use the networks available on PC then you can use this, it does practically the precise thing. No, all versions of it are not free, some of them you will have to buy.
Allway Sync for Windows help to assist the users in the way they need their data to be moved around multiple platforms. Allway Sync for Windows is a very flexible App with the option to work in individual in different Tabs display in the main menu, each Tab can be an individual job that you are working in, each one with their specific configurations and options, in order to create a new project, you need to click in the Tab New Job and selectAdd New Job option or even you can create a new job keeping the same configuration of any previous jobs just by clicking in the option Clone Job, after that you can browse for folder with the information that you need in order to work in your new Job.
Allway Sync allows users to sync data across multiple devices (servers, home devices, and USB drives). Comes in both a free and pro version. It is free for personal use. Easy interface and simple to use. Has the ability to cloud storage sync as well.
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