by Silicon Benders

A drawing application for your tablet that lets you easily create beautiful digital art

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Silicon Benders

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Last revision: Last week

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Sketchable is a powerful Windows application for creating digital art. It lets you create digital art that ranges from a simple note or doodle to a complex painting. You can even edit and embed photographs within your creations. It works on any device running Windows. However, it is really designed to work on a Surface without a keyboard or mouse. It is designed so that using it is similar to just picking up your notebook and pencil and sitting to draw. You can create multiple journals, and everything that you work on is automatically saved, whether it's something you created in just a few seconds or a masterpiece. The excellent tools available let you fully customize whatever you are creating and allow for gorgeous designs and images. It can operate as just a canvass with all the instruments hidden but still being easily accessible in an instant. It is available in a free version, but there is a version that allows additional features.


  • The brush stroke can be selected by viewing an actual physical representation of the size rather than just a numerical value (premium feature). Additionally, the brush opacity of the brush stroke can be controlled by how hard you press on the screen.
  • Quickly select the color you would like by utilizing the color dropper or make manual adjustments to the hue, value, and saturation to get the perfect color scheme.
  • The sketchable canvass will rotate with your arm so that your wrist has the correct orientation as you work.
  • The excellent user-interface is perhaps the best feature of all. All the features work seamlessly together, are easy to access, and allow you to customize your experience as if you had an entire art store available to you.

Sketchable is a top of the line Windows application for creating digital art. It is for all skill levels, whether you are a beginning or a professional artist. It is truly powerful and worthwhile for anyone interested in creating digital art.

It makes creating digital art as easy to use as just taking out a notebook and pencil as it doesn't require a keyboard or mouse.
  • Sketchable requires Windows 10 or higher and at least 2GB of memory.
  • It is recommended that an integrated touch system is used.
Sketchtable is an app that allows anyone to turn their device into something capable of sketching on. For example, one can sketch on their Ipad I have seen services like this one before, but this one seems better than the rest. I enjoy using it greatly.
"Sketchable 5.0 incorporates a few new altering instruments, boss among them is Selection. When designing this highlight, we needed to give Sketchable clients something special. Our objective is consistently to push the limits of what is conceivable by zeroing in on high devotion animations centered around contact and pen first cooperations. Considering this, we spearheaded a novel way to deal with controlling a complex mathematical shape with continuous input. Presently it is conceivable to add, eliminate, meet, outside, and xor a perplexing polygon with constant criticism. This new usage permits clients to see the specific control of the determination as they alter it, keeping up their innovative work process"
Just go to the Microsoft Store and download Sketchable for Windows. It is so much fun to use. It lets me draw and scribble and just be creative. I can share my creations with my friends. Now I am on my computer art. So exciting to see my ideas come to life. My friends think I am so creative now. You can literally create anything with it.
Sketchable is a software a user can download to edit ideas. The software allows a user to write a note in their own handwriting or take a photo which the user can immediately edit and play with to their liking. This software is great for users who want to customize their ideas as they create them on their laptops. Sketchable is able on windows.
Sketchable for windows is the best applicable software that allows you to create high-quality art. It allows you to customize, control and interface. It has multiple formats and also has photoshop format(.psd) it is the best alternative application for photoshop. It is very easy to make a drawing on sketchable for windows than in photoshop. It is best to use on windows 10 OS for good performance.
I Only have their free version currently; I will definitely say that I would have appreciated layer functionality, even if it were limited to 2 or 3 layers total prior to purchasing the pro version. I enjoy how the interface isn't totally in your face and disappear when you're sketching. Perhaps I'd like to see if the interface can be customized. The next update for pro, and then I could see it being worth the high price you posted. All in all, I can certainly say that as far as the free version goes, Sketch able has become my favourite app to draw with on my Sp4.
Sketchable for Windows is a drawing tool which is simple to use yet powerful enough to allow you to explore your artistic creativity. This app allows you to jot down notes, insert and edit pictures, import various types of images and even paint drawings from scratch. The interface is simple and easy to navigate through. You may want to initially download the free version and if you like it, pay a small fee to get the full version.
A powerful program that provides a canvas for art and creative endeavors. The program allows for the user to use its powerful tools to create a drawing, edit a picture, or even simply scribble some notes. The goal is to mix the digital with the feeling of a good old fashioned sketch book and this program gets that feeling down with its interface and available tools. A good program for anyone seeking a simple program to draw or take notes!
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