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Release : Microsoft MapPoint 2011

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Microsoft MapPoint is a versatile program that allows its users to plan trips, customize driving routes, and much more. This program is so diverse that Microsoft doesn't even have a good description of the program. Microsoft MapPoint isn't just another program that allows you to view maps. It will enable you to edit them in any way you wish entirely. Business people can map out their customer base, revenue earnings, truck routes, and everything in-between. The average person traveling can plot out their entire journey, print it out on paper, or transfer it to their GPS device. The possibilities are almost limitless to what you can perform with this software.


  • Make Customized GPS Routes
  • Free Software & Upgrades
  • Multiple Regions Available
  • Can Be Used With Office, Excel, SQL & PowerPoint

When people see this program, the first thing that usually comes to mind is that this was an older version of Google Maps and is now obsolete. However, this is not the case with Microsoft MapPoint. The software is an untapped source for heavy map customization that can be utilized by anyone from big corporations to a single person planning a family vacation.

Microsoft MapPoint is a map integration software that allows you to view, edit, and integrate maps

Obviously, this software is better suited for major companies since they can use a lot of hidden features. Being able to track things like revenue streams, driving routes, and many other things are too good to pass up. The really impressive thing about the program is the fact that it is compatible with all of Microsoft's applications.

If someone wanted to, they could use PowerPoint in conjunction with Microsoft MapPoint to create a professional presentation of the most commonly used roads in the area. When it comes to single person use, I doubt that all the bells and whistles will ever be used. Dare I say Google Maps would be a simpler way to navigate, but if you use a GPS, this program will benefit you more. You can create your own GPS routes and add them to your device without the need to buy an updated map from the company.

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One thing I noticed right off the bat was that "integration" is misspelled in the quotation. I think that this is a poor description. I see no benefit for regular people using this program for planning trips over more popular apps such as google maps or waze, which offer the same features they would likely be interested in and are also available on mobile platforms. Because of this, I do not think it is even worth advertising to regular people and that this software should focus on major companies. I think that the customer base and revenue earning tools are unique features not offered by other competitors and that the software does a poor job advertising to these people when it doesnt even list them under the bulleted features.
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Microsoft Mappoint was released in 2000 and then discontinued in 2014. You are still able to download and use Microsoft Mappoint but unfortunately there is no support available from Windows anymore. Microsoft Mappoint is an alternative to Google Maps and also Bing Maps. It is very easy to use and is designed for all types of usages. However Mappoint is no longer available for free and has to be purchased. It created the mapping platform which was subsequently used by other geographical information systems (or mapping) software. It is recommended as an alternative to the other solutions available in the marketplace but is currently seldom used. The latest version available for download is from 2013.
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The MapPoint software is thoroughly backed by software behemoth Microsoft. It has unique offline facility useful for all the sense and purpose of using visual maps for a business user like me who is always on move and have limited internet fictionality on my phone. The maps are periodically updated and best of all any feedback submitted in a GIS location is immediately addressed by Microsoft top notch support.
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Microsoft MapPoint for windows was great edit and view geographical analysis data. It was used to mainly identify the visualization map point for geographical. I am very glad to say this software was huge used with the my geographical new area journey.
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I love using Microsoft MapPoint for Windows because this program makes mapping a cinch. It's compatible with Microsoft Office, which means you can easily create maps that work well with Microsoft Excel. I appreciate the abundance of mapping tools that it offers, including but not limited to the legends, the boundaries and the zoom function to see details in maps up close.
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Blair Heininger

Microsoft MapPoint is a software program used for creating and analyzing maps. It allows users to view, analyze, and present data on a map. MapPoint includes tools for creating custom maps, displaying route information, tracking vehicle routes, and analyzing data. It also offers integration with other Microsoft products, such as Excel and Access.
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Noah Davanzo

Microsoft MapPoint is a powerful software to help you get around, plan a trip, and analyze data. It has an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to use. The maps are detailed and up-to-date. I especially like the route planner feature which calculates the best route to take. It also gives you the option to add stops along your route. I also like that you can add your own data to the maps. You can also customize the maps to fit your needs. The maps also provide real-time traffic information so you can avoid traffic jams. Overall, the software is great for anyone who needs to plan a trip or analyze data.
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David A*******i

Microsoft MapPoint software is a powerful and comprehensive mapping tool. It has a comprehensive range of features, including route planning, customised maps and data visualisation. The user interface is intuitive and the maps are easy to customise. The software is also easy to use when calculating distances between points. However, some of the features can be a bit slow to load.
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Robbie Kitting

Microsoft MapPoint is a great software for creating maps and getting directions, however it can be a bit cumbersom to set up and use at times.
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Aaron H******c

Microsoft MapPoint was a great tool for plannig out routes, but it was a bit glitchy at times and somtimes crashed unexpectedly.
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Rhys Shuping

Microsoft MapPoint was a useful software for creating maps and analyzing data, but its discontinuation in 2014 has left many users searching for alternative solutions.
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Christopher Began

Microsoft MapPoint software is a mapping and geographic data visualization tool that allows users to create custom maps and analyze data based on location.
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