by abrMate

A brush viewer and converter to use with Adobe Photoshop and other applications or as a standalone

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: abrMate

Release: abrMate 1.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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abrMate allows you to open, organize, sort, import, and export brushes.  You can preview your Adobe Photoshop .abr files in thumbnail or full resolution, and this allows you to speed up Adobe Photoshop by clearing out stuff you don’t use.  You can also open any brush in any version of Adobe Photoshop. 


  • All .abr brush files are in specific directories 

    abrMate displays your various brushes and converts them to open in any version of Adobe Photoshop
  • Open and preview Adobe Photoshop .abr brush files 

  • Each brush previewed in .abr files at full resolution or thumbnail 

  • Save each brush as .png 

  • Create a preview panel of .png images 

  • Convert newer brushes so you can open any brush from any version of Adobe Photoshop 

  • Ability to export brushes to the .png image so it can be used in other applications 

  • All open brushes can be opened to a thumbnail preview 

  • A quicker way to open .abr files 

  • Allows for close inspection of brushes in a large preview area 

  • It’s the only utility that exists that can perform these functions 

  • It can be used as a complete alternative to using Adobe Photoshop 

  • You don’t have to try to remember what brushes you have any more 

  • A website has resources for patterns 

  • A website has resources for textures 

  • Speed up Adobe Photoshop by allowing you to see and clear out what you don’t use 

  • Organize brushes 

  • Sort brushes 

  • Import brushes 

  • Export brushes 

  • It’s free 

  • Developed by texturemate 

  • Downloaded over 5,000 times 

  • Ranked 30 in Graphic Design (11/30/2018) 

  • Latest version 1.1 

  • File size 1.10 MB 

  • Compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows 10 

  • Hosted on Photobucket 

  • Used by commercial artists around the world 

You can’t find a utility as useful as this one, even if you pay for it.

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 

Nick Ellis
This software is an extension of adobe Photoshop and what it does is convert brushstrokes or in anlyze brushstrokes
Feel secure in your investment with an industry leading . full lifetime warranty that includes part and labor. choose from highest quality materials and styles designed not only to completment your home, but oepn and close easily.
If you are an artist or simply an Adobe lover, then abrMate for Windows is a good workaround to not having to open photoshop just to manage your brushes. By exporting your brushes to png files, you can easily access them. I find this much easier than having to go through the annoyance of opening the whole program, which, depending on your computer, can take some time.
I use this program to open my Adobe Photoshop .abr brush files to export into .pngs etc. as no other programs seem to do quite what I need in this department. It also updated my older brushes so I can open them in the newer AP version. I would recommend this as a pretty easy to use tool that has saved me a lot of time in organising and sorting my brush files.
abrMate is a software that can open and perform simple edits on brush files such as photoshop files. It is easy to use and is very efficient in managing files. It can convert brush files into jpg's without having to open the source application to do such tasks.
This is a freeware application that opens Adobe Photoshop, the application allows one to sort, organize, important and export brushes. The application has several upgraded versions which can be downloaded, the application has a better presentation of previewing and organizing files.
It seems like it could be useful for downloading brush sets that you would be otherwise unable to use. It seems like a good value and could have various uses and would be able to make the experience of using adobe photoshop much easier and far more flexible. Adobe is a useful photo-editing program and any other software that will expand its usefulness is definitely welcomed
AbrMate for Windows is a really great program. I have only been using this particular program for a very short amount of time. Once I discovered this program, I immediately began using it. Since using this, I have been completely satisfied. This program is very easy to download, and operate, which is awesome. I use Adobe Photo Shop a lot so this helps me so much, with the use of this program. This company recently released a new edition to this program. I plan on updating this program on all of my devices. This program is a huge time saver. Since I am usually strapped for time, this program has definitely came in handy for me. I will most definitely utilize this program, and take advantage of all updated versions in the future. This program tops all other similar programs that I have tried in the past.
AbrMate for Windows is an awesome program. This application allows businesses to open, sort, organize, import, and export brushes. I use Adobe PhotoShop quite a bit through my new at-home business. This program saves me so much time with my work. All of my work looks like it was completed by a professional or even a professional software that would normally cost loads of money. I am so so happy with this program, and all that it has to offer my business needs. I will be sure to utilize this program on a regular basis.
ABR Mate is a software program I don't know how I ever lived without. I am able to sort and file my airbrushes with ease. Photoshop made simple. I recommend this product to users of all ages. Every other program I have previously used took me several weeks to comprehend and understand to be able to use comfortably. I was able to fully feel comfortable with this software program within 24 hours. That says a lot and definitely recommended by me.
abrMate for Windows is perfect for photo editing! It is a free piece of software that allows you to organize Photoshop .abr brush files without opening Photoshop itself. You can export a single .abr file or all open brush files at once as .PNG files with abrMate- especially useful if you use other graphic design software besides Photoshop. You can also export all open brush files to thumbnail preview.PNGs. This feature is especially useful if you wish to provide preview graphics with your brushes!
abrMate for Windows is a very useful tool for those who handle brushes in a very organized way. This software allows you to preview your brushes suing Abode Photoshop of not using it al all, which means it can be used without any other app. I recommend this software to those who need this tool
This app is an easy way to open up photoshop and allows you to preview and preset files. You can organize and upload brushes to use later. You can export one brush or multiple with just one click of a button. This app is very helpful if you use more than just adobe photoshop as your main editing app. This is also a great app for authors who are making illustrations for their work.
abrMate allows us to open, organise, sort, import and export brushes.It displays various brushes and converts them to open in any version of Adobe Photoshop.
I love using abrMate for Windows because it's a tool that I can use by itself or with an editing program like Adobe Photoshop, depending on my needs. It gives me the ability to create artwork and designs using a full suite of brushes, and I can preview what those brushes will look like when pen gets put to paper. It even lets me sort and organize my brushes.
Using abrMate for windows, I can convert files that were made in photoshop cs into something compatible for my photoshop 7. It saves me money. I already own photoshop 7 and don't want to pay for the new photoshop. It lets me use the new brushes in my older program. I can choose to export just one brush or multiple. Just so cool.
In the event that you are a craftsman or essentially an Adobe sweetheart, abrMate for Windows is a decent workaround to not opening photoshop just to deal with your brushes. By trading your brushes for png documents, you can undoubtedly get to them. I view this as a lot simpler than going through the disturbance of opening the entire program, which, contingent upon your PC, can take some time
Joseph Y*******f
ABRmate is software for Windows and macOS used to calibrate and adjust the volume level of audio files. It is designed to help sound engineers, audio professionals and hobbyists to create professional-quality audio files quickly and easily. It is also used to create custom audio effects such as compression and equalization.
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