Solid Geometry

by Vlastimil Burian

A tool for quick and precise calculation of volume, area, and mass for diverse geometric bodies.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Vlastimil Burian

Release : Solid Geometry 1.2

Antivirus check: passed

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The 'Solid Geometry' software is a computational tool that enables quick and precise calculations of volume, surface area, and mass for various geometric shapes. It is incredibly handy and efficient for anyone working with three-dimensional shapes, including geometry students, engineers, architects, or anyone needing accurate calculations in the realm of solid geometry.

This software can handle a wide variety of geometric shapes, including complex forms such as spheres, cones, cylinders, as well as simpler shapes like prisms, pyramids, and cubes. It also offers the ability to calculate dimensions and characteristics of truncated shapes, like a truncated cone or pyramid.

  • Quick and precise calculations of volume, surface area, and mass of various geometric shapes
  • Ability to handle a wide variety of shapes, both complex and simplified
  • Illustrative form for each geometric body, facilitating manual calculation
  • Option to save calculations for future reference

On another note, 'Solid Geometry' provides illustrative sketches and formulas for each geometric shape. This simplifies the understanding and application of calculations for users. And if your calculations need to be consulted or used later, the software offers an option to save the results obtained.

'Solid Geometry' software aids in making efficient and accurate calculations for a variety of 3D shapes.

'Solid Geometry' is free to use for personal, home use. For businesses and all types of organizations, a 14-day trial period is offered. Following this period, they can purchase a license to continue using the software. This flexibility makes 'Solid Geometry' an accessible tool for all types of geometric needs.

1. Operating system: Windows 7 or newer.
2. Hardware: 1 GHz processor, 1GB RAM, 100MB free disk space.
3. Software: .NET Framework 4.0 or higher.

Enables quick, precise computations of volumes, areas, and masses.
Handles complex and simplified shapes, including truncated forms.
Option to save calculations for future use.

Limited to pre-set geometric shapes, no custom shapes.
Lacks a collaborative feature for team-based projects.
No mobile application for on-the-go calculations.