Sony ACID Pro

by Sony Creative Software Inc

Audio software that allows full multitrack recording and mixing and MIDI sequencing

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Sony Creative Software Inc

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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ACID Pro 7 is a professional audio workstation that combines recording and mixing of multiple tracks simultaneously, MIDI sequences, and legendary loop functionality. With the new technologies of this software you will get full freedom when working with sound, and additional utilities and a large number of samples of loops and MIDI tracks to allow you to work with the program immediately after installation.

- Professional recording: for uncompromising sound quality (24-bit, 192 kHz), the ACID Pro 7 has an impressive array of options. Whether you're recording your band's tracks or creating a MIDI studio row, ACID Pro 7 will allow you to record multiple tracks simultaneously (audio and MIDI), use powerful plug-ins, and mix 5.1 surround sound;

- Creating music from loops: ACID Pro software has been a leader in loop-based music creation for 10 years. The new version includes all the most advanced options: automatic tone and rhythm matching, real-time loop preview, unlimited number of tracks, and a very user-friendly interface. ACID Pro 7 also includes more than 3000 cycles of the Sony Sound Series, and 1000 MIDI files, which gives you the ability to create music immediately after installing the program;

- Full MIDI support: Try creating non-parallel MIDI sequences in ACID Pro 7 using real-time processing and precise control over all aspects. MIDI can be edited on the timeline in the same way as audio tracks. Use track packages to automate and change modulation, expressiveness, and other MIDI data. Other features allow you to record multiple MIDI tracks, apply real-time MIDI sampling, perform filtering and processing, create and edit drum samples, etc. ACID Pro 7 includes more than 1000 MIDI files for music creation;

- Mixing and editing: ACID Pro 7 has a separate mixing console for a flexible and efficient recording environment. Use audio effects as well as external audio processor effects. ACID Pro 7 also supports automated surface control and channel management for external devices such as Mackie Control and Frontier Design TranzPort;

- Beatmapper's unique remixing tool makes it easy to create remixes, and Chopper will allow you to create percussion sets and various effects;

- Professional effects and support for Soft Synth: Extend your sound palette with support for VST tools as well as VST and DirectX audio plug-ins. Support for ReWire and ASIO helps you seamlessly integrate ACID Pro 7 into your existing studio;

- Exclusive sampling tools: Transform loops and MIDI tracks into new audio material with exclusive Groove Mapping and Groove Cloning sampling tools;

- Interactive tutorials: ACID Pro 7 now includes interactive tutorials to help you quickly learn the program.

- add-ons: ACID Pro 7 includes additional software for creating and editing music. These are the ACID Pro Effects Rack from iZotope, Garritan Aria for ACID Pro Player, Sonoma Wire Works KitCore, and Native Instruments Guitar Combos.

Acid Pro is a wonderfully powerful DAW software. I trust ACID Pro because it's developed by Magix Software, a reputable German audio editing software company. I primarily use software for vocals and transposing various samples or MIDI input. I really appreciate how quick and seamless the experience is compared to other DAWs.
Angus K*****x
ACID Pro is a powerful digital audio workstation (DAW) software created by Sony Creative Software. It is used by professional music producers to create, mix, and edit music, songs, and sound effects. It features a range of tools, such as multi-track recording, powerful MIDI sequencing, real-time effects processing, advanced looping capabilities, VST and DirectX plugin support, and more.
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