Sound Forge

by MAGIX Software GmbH.

Sound Forge is a digital audio editing suite

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: MAGIX Software GmbH.

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Programs aimed at use by professionals usually have a huge set of tools, but are also difficult for those who are not specialists in the field. This feature completely characterizes the Sound Forge Pro, an application for quality sound processing. To start working with this editor, you should select the file you need to edit and import it to the application desktop. Then you can add special effects to the original composition (acoustic mirror, amplitude modulation, chorus, delay, echo, distortion, reverberation, etc.) or use the functions of automatic trimming, inversion, gradual attenuation, etc.

In addition to the richest set of tools to change the audio track, the program also has the ability to quickly convert audio files, extract them from recorded CDs, download them from the Internet, as well as to record their own CD / DVD for listening. The application recognizes almost all music formats, including those that are not very popular and rarely used (for example, such as Raw Audio, Macintosh AIFF, Sony Perfect Clarity Audio, etc.). The application uses technologies such as iZotope MBIT and sample rate conversion when working on sound. On the output, after editing the recording, you get an audio file with high sound quality. With Sound Forge Pro tools, you can remove hissing, rustling, clicking and cracking from the track (the built-in noise reduction plugins are responsible for this).

The interface of the program is fully customizable to the needs of the user. The size and color of windows and markers can be easily changed in the settings section. If you encounter any difficulties or ambiguities with Sound Forge Pro, you can always get the information you need in the "Help" section. The application consumes a lot of system resources, so it is better to close all running programs when working with it.

- is a full-fledged software for professional use;

- allows you to slice an audio file and apply various effects to it;

- is able to remove noise and cracking from the recording;

- has a lot of built-in plugins;

- allows you to copy recordings from discs and, conversely, create CD/DVDs with audio files;

- has a built-in recording timer;

- allows you to easily edit tracks with familiar commands: paste, copy, cut;

- is demanding on system resources, so it is recommended to interrupt the work of third-party programs while using Sound Forge Pro;

- The interface may be a little difficult to understand for lay people, but you can find answers to all the questions in the Help section;

- can work as an audio converter;

- allows you to use areas of the track;

- is fully compatible with Windows;

- uses high-tech processes to keep the sound quality at a high level.

The description of Sound Forge begins by stating that most programs used by professionals have a large library of tools but are too difficult for the average person to navigate, followed by a list of said tools, most of which I (an average person) had a hard time understanding. The description doesn't explain how Sound Forge is friendly to users with all degrees of experience. What is your target audience? Just professionals? Or professionals AND beginners/hobbyists? If it is the latter, maybe include a brief explanation how even nonspecialists can use and benefit from Sound Forge software. Also, some of the description was a bit repetitive, some grammar errors. Again, depending on your target audience you might want to tidy it up.
William F******k
Sound Forge is a professional audio editing software suite developed by Sony Creative Software. It offers a range of features for recording, editing, mastering and restoring audio, as well as performing basic audio tasks. It is designed for both professional audio engineers and home users. It provides a wide range of tools such as recording, EQ, effects, batch processing, and more. It also includes support for popular plug-ins and formats. It is available for both Windows and Mac platforms.
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