by Sparkosoft

Create a virtual webcam out of your Canon or Nikon DSLR camera!

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Sparkosoft

Release: SparkoCam 1.4

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.9862

SparkoCam is an amazing virtual webcam program that is designed specifically to work with high-quality Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras! Once you hook your camera up to your computer through the USB port SparkoCam will take over and allow you to do lots of fun webcam things with your camera! One impressive feature is that SparkoCam will allow you to split the one input it's receiving amongst multiple applications that you're running on your computer.

Some fun features of SparkoCam include adding visual effects to the input video. You can add fun foreground effects like a crown or a hat or other tools to make you appear more impressive and wise. You can add other fun things as well which could aid in teaching a subject. You can add fun background features as well. SparkoCam can also add animations on top of the video for some more fun where it can even look like you're interacting with something there! SparkoCam can natively support an anaglyph 3D effect where it will look like you're popping off the screen to your viewers.

SparkoCam even can support a green screen where it will replace the background behind you totally with another image or video! This would be a really good effect to use on a travel blogging video or any other time you want it to look like you took a trip somewhere. Even if it's just the kitchen or basement to get some more equipment!

You can also share your desktop through SparkoCam which could be a really efficient way to teach the viewers how to use a new computer program or play a game. They would still be able to hear your voice even if they can't see your image. Or if you want both SparkoCam allows you to put your image in the corner!

SparkoCam pricing starts at just $39.95 and it runs on both Windows and Mac computers. It's a great program that will allow you to create an amazing video that everyone will be envious of!

SparkoCam is specifically designed to turn your high quality DSLR into a webcam!

Kay Jayne (unverified)
This software is very well priced for what it does. Very impressive that you can split it among multiple applications running on your computer. I will be sure to recommend this to the company I work for and friends in the tech business.
Bob Johnson (unverified)
SparkoCam is a virtual webcam suite to be used with high-quality DSLR cameras. Visual effects can be added to add visual flair. SparkoCam has a native green screen feature to allow transposition to anywhere in the world. This software runs on both Mac and Windows.
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