Spotify Ripper

by Ondesoft

Software that allows you to take music from Spotify and make an mp3 file out of it

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Ondesoft

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Welcome to Spotify Ripper for Windows. This is professional, high-quality software that allows you and your friends to create mp3s from all of the music available on Spotify, so you can enjoy your favorite songs without the restrictions of being connected to the Spotify platform - no subscription or streaming required. You'll never go back to paying for a subscription service or listening to ads again! Trust us, it's really that easy.


  • No subscription required
  • No streaming required
  • Once you've created an mp3, you can play it on any device without being connected to the internet
  • Burn your music to a CD or put it on an mp3 player
  • Avoid ads without paying fees
  • Listen offline without being connected to the internet
  • No more shuffle-only (free-subscribers to Spotify must shuffle!)
  • Access to over 30 million songs from Spotify

Download the Spotify Ripper software - you will also need to have the Spotify app on your computer. You will be able to simply drag and drop the songs, albums, or playlists you'd like to rip - it's just that easy! Sit back and let the software do its magic. Besides mp3, you can also convert to other file types, such as M4A, FLAC, and WAV, giving you flexibility depending on your needs for your project.

Make mp3s from music on Spotify so you can listen to music you like on any of your devices without having to connect to Spotify.

The software interface is friendly and easy to use - you don't have to be a tech expert in ripping the music and making great mp3 files for your listening pleasure. Whether you want just a song, whole albums, or to mix your playlists, the possibilities are really limitless - anywhere that can support an mp3 or above listed audio file type can now play the music that exists on Spotify thanks to Spotify Ripper for Windows.

Once you discover how easy it is, be sure to tell all your friends and family too! 

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Spotify Ripper is a useful software for those that want to keep music from spotify in their storage, without a subscription. It downloads high quality MP3s and puts in all the information about the artist and song, such as the title. It is quite easy to use and great for those that just want to listen to their favorite songs offline.
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Now, I can get my take my Spotify music, podcasts and audiobooks and covert them to mp3/wav/wma files! Not only can you add songs individually, you can also add albums or playlists from your Spotify. You can also customize the bitrates and sample rates to cater to preference. Suitable for both premium and free users. Very easy to use (just drag and drop!).
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Spotify encrypts the music to protect the copyright. In order to get around this and be able to play the songs, I had to download the Spotify Ripper for Windows. It rips the Spotify music as MP3 that I would be able to listen to. Just drag and drop the playlist into the Ripper and it down the work for me. So cool. I will be using this to rip my Spotify music for free.
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This software seems like a very useful software for people who like to listen to their favorite songs offline. The Ripper can export songs from Spotify into DRM free high-quality mp3 files that can then be played offline on an mp3 player or other devices, it can also be useful for people who don't get high-quality audio due to being a free user.
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I got tired of not being in control of my playlist. Spotify Ripper solved my problem. A great little tool to have. 5 out of 5 recommend it to anyone who loves music and takes their music everywhere.
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Spotify Ripper for Windows does exactly what it says on the in and allows you to rip songs from Spotify to download to your computer or mobile device. It's able to convert Spotify tracks to a variety of different file types in a lossless format at speeds 5x better than competitors according to benchmarking. It's very fast and easy to use so I highly recommend it.
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It is my favorite software without any doubts! I use it almost the whole day. I love how all of the sounds are original and how it copies it with no problems. The best part is that you don't have to be a premium user of Spotify to use this software.
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Spotify repair for Windows enables to extract and rip mp3 songs from Spotify. This is a flexible software that can work for both free and premium users of Spotify. This allows users to listen to audio songs in mp3 players, Android and iOS devices even without Spotify app. This produces songs of high quality, pleasant to listen and enable users to make their custom ringtones of their choice.
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If you want to listen to all the music from Spotify, then just download Spotify Ripper fro Windows and you will have all the tracks of your favorite music in your android as easy as a click. Just create a playlist and rip it from Spotify by using this software
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Spotify Ripper for Windows can put any online music into the MP3 format for download to your computer. Its tagging function captures information such as song title and artist and creates a MP3 file labeled with the song's title. It will also create playlists. The software uses CAC Technology to record high quality audio. Spotify earns money from free accounts by playing short ads that can ruin audio recordings. Spotify Ripper for Windows wipes these ads from music it records. The software is a useful tool for building a MP3 music library from Spotify.
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Spotify ripper is a small useful tool that enables you to download music from Spotify. This allows you to keep your music (after all, it might be removed by Spotify at any time) and be able to play it anytime and even when not connected to the internet.
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Max W.

Spotify Ripper is a free and open source software that allows users to rip tracks from the Spotify music streaming service. It allows users to rip tracks from both the free and premium versions of Spotify, and supports multiple output formats, such as MP3, AAC, OGG, FLAC, and WAV. The software also has a built-in ID3 tag editor, allowing users to customize the tags of their ripped tracks.
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Muhammad X**********p

I recently used Spotify Ripper software to download some of my favorite songs from Spotify. It was easy to use, and I found that I could download several songs at once. The speed of the download was good, and the quality of the audio was decent. I did not encounter any bugs or errors during the download process. The only downside was that some of the songs had to be downloaded one at a time, which was time-consuming. Overall, Spotify Ripper software is a good option for downloading music from Spotify.
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