pdfit for Firefox

PDFIT makes it easy to convert any website into PDF and image files.

Operating system: Windows

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Pdf It!, a free extension for Firefox, makes it easy to convert all or part of any website to PDF and image files. Save the sites you visit for later viewing, keep track of updates, and share what you've saved with other people. Alter or rotate the images using filters, which are included.


  • Runs on any operating system: Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Includes filters for altering or rotating the images
  • Completely free
  • Easy to use: Appears in the Browser-->Tools menu as well as the context menu

This is a valuable extension for anyone who wants or needs to save content from web pages. Imagine the uses: documenting business emails, backing up important documents, collecting photographs of your favorite band, gathering reading material for a plane ride or other time when you'll be offline, reviewing and creating child-friendly versions of sites to share with your family, cropping out ads, enlarging text size, sharing the content that counts while saving bandwidth and removing anything unnecessary, prototyping changes to your own site, and so much more. 

Top-rated free add-on for Firefox!

Firefox is perhaps best known for its customizable security and ad-blocking features. So it is no surprise that this valuable extension is part of its suite of add-on products. Pdf It! is made by Touchpdf, and has received consistent five-star ratings across popular customer review sites. Best of all, it's completely free of charge. The one disclaimer is that some of the image filters may take some time to apply, so be patient. This is, after all, a free product. But imagine the possibilities. This app is highly recommended for business use, securing and organizing documents, creating personal collections, and gathering sources of entertainment for times when you're going to be offline. Open it up, explore the filters, and have fun. Firefox just got even better.

a great Windows software or program to manage and run it a certain web browser called Firefox smoothly our Windows device.
I think it is a good thing that this can allow us to download webpages to our desktop as a pdf. It is a good way to save your information and keep it backed up. It is also safe and trusted. This is definitely a useful feature and I will totally recommend it to anyone.
I like pdfit when I'm using Firefox because it is very easy to use and the menus are very simple to learn and use. It isn't very resource-intensive like other programs out there making it very fast when I want to use it. No memory leaks here! It also isn't spyware or anything like that. Doesn't ask for any personal information or location information.
Pdfit is a Firefox extension, that allows for the conversion of PDF files and certain image files. Since it is made as an extension, Pdfit can be run on any operating system. By being built-in to Firefox, it allows for much easier access and convenience to operating and editing pdf files and has an editing portion in which users can edit on the fly. Pdfit helps streamline the user experience with pdfs and saves valuable time that can be spent more productively.
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