by Spotydl

A multimedia application, which helps you to download and record audio and video files from the Web

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Spotydl

Release : Spotydl 0.9.37

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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It's a Revolution to how we listen to music. Spotydl allows you to download/record your Spotify music into mp3, Listen and record music with us wherever we go without needing to download anything 


  • 1. Downloads and Record Even Online or Offline.
  • 2. It Downloads simultaneously from many websites
  • 3. Sync/Record/Download from anywhere 
  • 4. Record audio songs on its own platform
  • 5. Youtube Integration 
  • 6. Import own playlist 
  • 7. Noise reduction feature (Record)
  • 8. Drag & Drop your music in Spotydl

Download songs from the music streaming platform simply using a web URL search bar, and you can be able to download full playlists, and you can either download/record/create playlist songs from various mp3 source.

Record or download anything you are listening to on the web

The best feature even you can just drag & drop your music in its platform, And it has lots of modes to create a list. 

You can watch/sync/download/record your playlists from anywhere. It's userfriendly. Its have built-in players and tracks etc. Even You can watch videos using youtube. However, it's one of the fastest methods to record the audio from PC. Other/Older have to play the entire list to be able to rip it and have it in MP3 format, and this made very easier.

And it will not index or host your MP3's just an interface for your system, so it's easy to handle (So no-lose for your records/playlists).


  • It supports famous operating systems like Windows, MAC OS (IOS)
  • It's Freeware for all users.
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Gary Ng

This is the kind of software that a lot of people would find useful but not actually searching for it. I've used quite few software for downloading Youtube videos before and I did find those very useful. My only concern of this kind of software is always the legal issue. I think there's a reason why Spotify don't allow their songs to be downloaded as mp3 in their apps because of legal issues. They meant to restrict people to listen the song just on their platform, not saving "forever". So although I would love to try this software, the developer might need to ensure that using their software is not illegal in the first place.
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Spotdyll is great for watching stuff online offline. I can find full movies and songs on Youtube, but I don’t want to be online to watch it. I can download them and take them on the go. I can also edit the audio quality unlike other software which is super helpful.
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I never knew Spotify would be recommended for Windows. I'm not a download on the app type of person. I like to be on the computer a lot of the time, so this would be kind of great for me and those who also have Windows. The fact that you can download music from multiple sites is amazing. That means I can get songs from youtube and add it to my Spotify playlist. This is very important, a lot of songs that I listen to isn't on music platforms like iTunes, or Tidal I would mostly be on youtube listening to the songs. And now that I can add youtube songs onto my Spotify playlist for windows it's a different new level. I'm going to have to say they raise the bar for this and I'm very thankful.
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William Heffner

This works great for people who cant afford to pay artists and creators for their work. You can easily get their files downloaded to your computer for free, even from spotify. Easy to use and easy to get when you can't afford monthly memberships.
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spotydl for Windows is a great way file tool for allowing you to download it copy and transfer and editing music files directly from your Windows PC at ease
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This application is really cool. It allows users to be able to create and convert their Spotify Playlist into an mp3. This is great for people who are on the go running errands all the time and are not able to connect to internet, but still want to listen to their music. This app will try and find all of your songs in mp3 format by checking the internet. This software is free to all users.
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Spotydl for windows is a tool that allows you to download any kind of music in to your device whether Android Mac or iPad and organize them into the for of mp3 playlists. Its main task is to help you download songs from the internet. Of you posses an account on the spotydl, you can access and download songs directly from the spotydl.
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Spotydl is used to download all songs from multiple websites. And you can record songs from Spotify. the download mode allows you to download the songs form them. then it is also have a synchronized folder with a playlist. currently i am using this to listen my favorite songs.
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By using this Spotydl we can easily record or download anything we are listing to the web. It has awesome features like download automatically from multiple sites, you tube player, synchronize a folder with a playlist and etc. we need to just drag and drop the file . Then, we need to chose a mode, click on the button and enjoy the music.It is one of the useful product.
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This application called Spotydl is a very interesting app. It allows you to record any audio on a computer or phone screen. This can vary from listening and recording the radio, to recording an entire movie. The audio is the only thing being recorded but it is very very useful for people that love music but cannot afford it. The other positive is that it allows you to record literally anything, even if there is a private zoom meeting but you want to record for legal purposes you are physically able to.
image/svg+xmlBotttsPablo Stanley Körner

Spotydl for Windows is a cool little program that works in combination with internet browsers and other similar apps to record any sound files you are listening to. I have so often thought that I would love to have a record button on my desktop to press and so capture something I could hear. Well, Spotydl essentially is that and what is more, it is license-free and so costs you nothing. It also has compatible versions for Mac and Linux operating systems too.
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Spotydl is a nice piece of software for music lovers. It makes downloading and saving your favorite music a breeze. Spotydl will automatically trawl the internet for downloadable MP3s of your songs and also allows you to record straight off of Spotify or from any other audio source. Many users love the ability to convert their Spotify playlists into MP3 files so they can listen to their music anywhere at anytime.
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Spotydl is an app that allows you to download any kind of music. It gives you the best experience after changing the music in the form of mp3. You can download music in any form and listen to them anywhere and anytime. You can drag and drop the songs in your favorite playlists. It helps you to download free songs from the internet. I would recommend it to all the music lovers.
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I use spotydl for downloading my Spotify playlists to take with me on any device. You can use it for other things as well, like YouTube videos. I most enjoy being able to download the music in mp3 format so I can then add to my own player and play offline throughout my devices like my car on a usb stick. I would be lost without spotydl now.
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You can download and use Spotydl to download songs from multiple sources. You can use it as a youtube player too. There are several checks in the software to limit the wrong results. You can use this tool online or offline. You can import your playlist too. Overall, a cool tool for music lovers.
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Never heard of or seen but know enough about this type of software to tell you to stay away from it.
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Spotydl for PC Windows download manager focused on audio files. This is a multimedia application which comes in handy to help you to download and record audio and video files from internet. Today, this Internet Windows App for PC is updated to the final version.
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Great tool to download music for Windows + also for Android and Mac for mp3 music download easily.
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Spotydl allows the user to download any song from multiple platforms whether online or offline. It's exceptionally useful for downloading or recording songs from Spotify or if you like a video from YouTube, you could download from there as well. Pretty easy layout to learn and hasn't crashed yet. Very promising software indeed.
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Jacob V********x

Spotydl is a free music downloader for Windows and Mac that enables users to download music from Spotify and other music streaming services. It can also be used to convert music from one format to another, such as MP3 to AAC.
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Finlay G******r

Spotydl is an excellent software for downloading music from Spotify. It is easy to use and provides a great way to access songs from the streaming service. The download speeds are also fast and the user interface is intuitive and user-friendly. Highly recommended software for downloading music from Spotify.
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Josh Whipp

I had the chance to use Spotydl software recently and I must say that I was impressed. It allowed me to quickly find and download music from a wide variety of sources in a simple and user friendly manner. The download speed was quite fast, and the audio quality of the downloads was good. I was also able to download albums and playlists with ease. The search feature was very useful, as it allowed me to narrow down my search results quickly. Overall, I found that Spotydl was an efficient and reliable way to download music.
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Adam I******t

Spotydl is a great tool for downloading music from Spotify. It's really easy to use, and I've had no issues with it so far. It's fast and efficient, and the downloads always sound great. You can also choose the format and quality of the songs you want to download. I like that you can preview the tracks before downloading them. The interface is also intuitive and straightforward. Overall, I'm very pleased with this software. It's a great way to get my favorite songs from Spotify.
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