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A software tool that allows people working with SQL greater control, convenience, and usability

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Release: SQL Dumper 2

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This software is a great technological tool for any programmers or someone doing extensive computer work with SQL's. It allows one to dump excess and selected SQL database tables and export it to SQL Insert statements. It is highly rated, as well as highly recommended. Certain key features are identified below:


  • You can choose where you want the Sqldumper.exe utility to transfer the file. However, this file must previously be created prior to the transfer. This allows for easier organization and usability. 
  • Moves a massive amount of information. It is imperative to ensure that your hard drive has adequate storage space prior to beginning utilization, otherwise, the process will fail. However, if you ensure that there is adequate space, this software can make exporting the massive data much easier and faster. 
  • The program allows you to transfer each SQL table into its own file, or it will allow you to combine all of them into one file. Also, the2nd Version allows to dump SQL queries and features awesome interface enhancements that allow even greater control.
  • The program contains certain special features that allow the user greater control and flexibility. For example, the Foreign Keys feature allows the user to set a specific order to the tables in the text file, that way future info can be inserted while avoiding collisions and errors. Another special feature is the Primary Key Identity feature. This guarantees the Identity field value. 

This product is a necessity for anyone working with SQL in large quantities. It will make every process much more efficient and effective. Although it is somewhat costly, it will actually save your organization money in the long-term by freeing up extensive labor hours, as well as allowing for better decision making. I would personally definitely recommend this product.

Has special features that allows the user to have greater flexibility when working with SQL.
Barry B. Benson
Are you a programmer who's tired of doing extra work about SQL's? Wish you can just get all those SQL's and push them somewhere else? SQL Dumper might be the highly rated application for you. All the power is in your fingertips as you can pick and choose were to push those files using the Sqldumper. No more having to move massive files manually. SQL does it all efficiently and most importantly, effectively.
Alfie Michael
SQL, Structured Query Language, is used to communicate with a database. The SQL Dumper is a specific program that let you dump, get rid of, SQL server database tables into SQL Insert statements. It is supported for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10, and is free to download on your Windows PC.
SQL Dumper is free database software. Its primary role is to dump specific SQL Server database tables to make them SQL insert statements that can be saved in a computer, but containing all the required data to create a duplicate table for backup purposes. The program has Foreign Keys that inserts data through ordered tables in text file, primary key identity that ensures value of identity field and reference to eliminate constraints. Its 407.82KB can be installed in Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 Server, SQL Server 2000/2005.
it is database-oriented software it is very easy to install the windows platform. no bug is found. Easy to handle and it is very best to store the database file. very security purposes. data stealing is not possible. i would recommend this software to my friends.
Today, the use of Databases is very widespread. among the most common Databases is SQL server. Often one may need to access database content outside the database program. This is definitely where SQL Dumper for windows comes in handy. The program enables you to export database tables in the form of SQL file. This type of data exportation can enable you to transfer a database to another application and also help you backup your data.Not only can you export single tables, you can also combine several SQL tables before export using the app. Its therefore a very powerful tool for all who want to extract database content from an SQL server. The application runs on both 32 and 64 bit.Its also absolutely free to download
SQL Dumper for Windows is a database very useful to exporting database tables. In order to use SQL Dumper for Windows App for exporting, you need to open the app, press Import Button that will give you the option to select from anywhere your computer the database you need to work in, once you had select it just wait for the Queue to completely load, you can check this in the Online Scanner section, next step is click in Explitables button and finally click the start Exploiter option that is the upper right side of the screen, once the loading is finish you are ready to export the data you need.
SQL Dumper is a nice, handy Microsoft utility included with SQL Server that can be used to trace the origins of a database crash. It can also backup and restore tables as needed. It is easy to use from the command line and can be very helpful in determining the root cause of a database dump. This is a must-have tool for any SQL Server DBA.
This program allows you to dump SQL tables into SQL Insert statements. This makes it trivial to take entire DB tables and add them to new databases. This product is for SQL Server. A great tool that makes a DB admin's job much easier, allowing you to manage, update, and create new databases with almost no work. Merge many tables into one .sql file or into separate .sql files, it's your choice. You can order by foreign or primary keys. Great tool.
This is some of that great software out there that makes your online experience worth a while. It allows you to dump some selected SQL Server database tables into SQL Insert statements. This software works great then you can ever imagine. You should download it to try it out. You will ever love it. I love it too.
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