SQLS Plus for SQL Server

Used by DBAs, Developers and Operations to execute DBA tasks

Operating system: Windows

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SQLS*Plus for SQL Server is currently used by hundreds of DBAs, Database Developers, and Operations Engineers across the world. SQLS*Plus is used to execute DBA tasks, run SQL script(s) and to automate SQL database data processing and reporting batch jobs, as well as to convert Oracle SQL script(s) after Oracle to SQL migration.

SQLS*Plus fully supports JSON data processing – JSON output of SQL Server data.

With many advanced options and functionality, SQLS*Plus is an optimal alternative to SQLServer sqlcmd, osql, isql, and other SQL command line tools.

Build web and mobile applications for multiple data types. Store and support business data, structured or not, and with native support for relational data, XML and special data. 

Embed a lightweight database into applications. Create small databases in basic desktop applications or tules using SQL Server, a lightweight deployment options that have fewer prerequisites and runs in process with applications, not as a service (better). Also, you can scale across editions... this means that you can easily scale your applications across SQL server editions as you grow and without having to change application code due to the common programming surface enabled by SQL Server 2017. (Enhance your data security) SQLS*Plus supports use of variables (var, define, &, &&), interactively accepts user input into variables, spools data into TEXT, HTML, CSV and JSON output. Lots of other advanced reporting and data formatting functionality is available, such as BREAK and COMPUTE functionality.

SQLS*Plus is used by DBAs, Developers and Operations to execute DBA tasks, run SQL script /s and to automate SQL database data processing and reporting batch jobs.


  • SQLS*Plus is free for individual use and commercial use on a single server SQL server instance (with no linked servers).
  • Annual enterprise support and maintenance site license is required for a multi-server and multi-instance database environment.
  • Works with All Windows versions
  • Feature-4
  • Seemless integration.
  • Total control.
  • Data base migration compliance.
  • Very flexible with the data formatting.

SQLS*Plus is like an Oracle©, SQL*Plus / sqlplus for Microsoft©, SQLServer 2008, 2005 and 2000. 

It is several orders of magnitued better than sqlcmd nd osql (but i am sure you know that). 

Purchase of an enterprise site support license/s is required for the use of SQL*Plus in a multi-server, multi-instance, and multi-site SQL server database environment.

Bernice Medina (unverified)
This would be great for Database Developers or Operations Engineers. One of its uses is reporting batch jobs. This is free for individual use and commercial use on a single server. It seems like it is much better than the sqlcmd nd osql.
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