by phpMyAdmin devel team

Allows access to control MySQL server from a web browser

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: phpMyAdmin devel team

Release: phpMyAdmin 4.9.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Allows for remote, browser-based admin access to MySQL servers. It allows for the creation of tables, easy control, and maintenance of material as well as provides a single interface in which other accounts can be managed. Very flexible and easy to use a system that is open source and has a strong support network out there. 

Allows for broswer based admin to MySQL servers. Can create databases, tables and additionally set privilages for mysql users

  • Allows browser-based functionality to create, modify or delete databases, tables, fields, and rows
  • Set individual user permissions
  • Is entirely remote access based
  • Strong security protection
  • As an open-source program, it is continually being updated and improved on by its users
  • Large updates are done from time to time.
  • Supports many different languages by being translated (at this time, up to 90)
  • Can export data into CSV, XML, PDF, Word, Latex, Spreadsheet, Excel, etc
  • User-friendly graphical interface
  • Can provide PDF graphics layout
  • Allows for importing, exporting and loading of text file data
  • Provides automatic MySQL backup facility
  • Provides multiple server configuration
  • Flexible with different operating systems
  • Supports foreign keys
  • Very easy, on-demand scalability. Can easily be customized to different business and unique database server requirements
  • Very high-performance system. Operates quickly and very stable.
  • Rapid installation and usability. Usually, around 30 minutes once download started. Most anyone can figure out how to use it once the technical things are set up
  • Much less expensive as it is more stable and less time is spent fixing, dealing with downtime and performance issues
  • One of, if not the, most popular MySQL admin tools. This is especially the case for web hosting services.
  • Has been in use for a long time, over 20 years and is still relevant
  • As it allows you to work on the database directly, you cannot undo what is happening
  • Easy to use to fix 

Web browser

PHP scripting language - server-side

Apache Webserver to store phpMyAdmin files

MySQL or MariaDB database to manage application data

phpMyAdmin 4.0.9 (7.96 MB)
phpMyAdmin 4.7.6 (10.94 MB)
phpMyAdmin 4.7.7 (11.05 MB)
phpMyAdmin 4.7.8 (10.7 MB)
phpMyAdmin 4.7.9 (10.96 MB)
phpMyAdmin (10.08 MB)
phpMyAdmin (10.55 MB)
phpMyAdmin 4.9.1 (10.82 MB)
phpMyAdmin 5.1.3 (13.17 MB)
This program has helped me manage and make administrating my database for my website much simpler, faster, and easier to do whatever tasks I needed to. It is fast, lightweight, yet packed with many features while still being a small program that will not take up too much data. It is a must need for website admins or even casual users .
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