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Operating system: Windows


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The Tweaker SSD is a reliable and easy-to-use program designed to optimize the performance of SSDs. Although there are many articles on how to improve the speed of such drives on the Internet, it can take a long time to analyze them and find a suitable way to do so. The program allows you to centrally configure various parameters of your OS. The configuration affects the Windows indexing service, defragmentation utility, regulates the allowable size of the system cache, optimizes the work of the NTFS file system, regulates the parameters of tracking the load on the drive, and so on.

The program supports Superfetch technology, which appeared with the release of Windows Vista and allows you to manage memory much more efficiently. SSD Tweaker also has a tool to clean the swap file before rebooting, support for DIPM, and the ability to include an Aero theme and a web client.

- the program is completely free;

- automatically keeps an event log;

- Setting up the indexing service;

- the ability to configure the system cache;

- Optimizer of NTFS file system operation;

- support for Superfetch technology, which enables more efficient memory management;

- enables you to enable swap file cleaning before shutting down or restarting your computer.

Luke (unverified)
The software is well defined, and the name makes it very clear as to what should be achieved by the software. I am not sure if there is a huge need for this software, but it is nice to have an optimization tool for SSDs. The functions are well defined and easy to understand. I would definitely look into this product.
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