Star Downloader Free

by Star Downloader

Easily download and automatically unzip large files

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Star Downloader

Release: Star Downloader Free 1.45

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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We've all had those times where we've had to download a large file, and your heart sinks as you see how long it's going to take. So, in the interim, we either get up and do something else or sit and twiddle our thumbs. Then, we have to open the file. With Star Downloader Free for Windows, the job is simplified to a good degree.

For those who have used programs such as torrents in the past, Star Downloader somewhat works in the same way. Torrents take small chunks from other computer sites and download them en masse. Star Downloader downloads a large file by splitting it into manageable pieces and downloads them all at once, saving time. Simply find the fastest mirror site to download from and bang! You're done. Also handy is the fact that the program can automatically unzip and install files as well. While that can sound a bit on the sketchy side, never fear! The program can use your antivirus program to make sure said files are free of troublesome viruses before that step is taken. Have you ever started downloading a program and something unexpected happens like a power outage, or your computer freezes solid? With the Star Downloader, the download will pick up right where it left off. Say you want to download something but don't have the time to do it currently, then you can set a certain time to download a file.

With these handy features, you may think the cost will be a pretty penny. Absolutely not. The cost is 100% free, with no built-in advertising or banners to annoy you. This alone makes it worth trying out to see if it is suitable for your downloading needs.

Good way to download programs or files that can be huge.

  • Easily download huge files.
  • Automatically scan and unzip/install files.
  • Free! Plus, no ads!
If you're sick of downloading with your browser's default "save as" function, get Star Downloader. Trust me. You can schedule downloads for later, so you don't have to download everything at once. And if a download drops? Star Downloader can pick up right where it left off, instead of forcing you to start the whole thing over. You can even integrate this sweet extension with your browser too! The price is also quite reasonable, and - with the edge you'll get on speedy and reliable downloads - it's worth every penny.
This software is a download manager that is very useful because it shortens the time it takes to download. It does this by separating the files into different segments that are then downloaded simultaneously. Star Downloader Free contains browser integration and you can even schedule your downloads for a certain time. If you are downloading something and it is interrupted by a connection loss or a shutdown, Star Downloader Free will automatically resume the download when it becomes possible. The category system is useful as well and aids in managing and organizing downloads. This product also works with your antivirus program and scans files automatically as soon as the download is complete. Another reason I like this software is that its interface has a nice layout and is simple to use. Best of all, this software won't take up too much of the precious memory space on your PC. Overall, I highly recommend this product.
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