by Stardock

Replaces Windows 10 Start Menu with the classic Start Menu.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Stardock

Release: Start10 trial version

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Last revision: Last week

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Microsoft's fixation on square menus for Windows 10 took its toll on the organization and speedy PC navigation. Sacrificing basic functionality for aesthetic just doesn't make sense. "Well, if it ain't broke, don't fix it," said the development team behind Start10. Windows 10 users can now enjoy the classic Start Menu, as seen on older operating system version Windows 7. All your pinned programs, files, and folders are now more easily accessible! All without the hassle of trying to accommodate annoying menus just to fit your needs.


  • Replaces Windows 10 Start Menu with Windows 7 Start Menu for those who prefer a simpler and more effective way to search for whatever it is you're looking for.
  • Whether it be Universal apps or the programs right on your desktop, your favorites can always be accessed with ease via the Quick Access feature. For dual monitors, there's an option to add a second taskbar. 
  • Start10 has taken the liberty of designing a minimalistic, simple take on the Windows 7 Start Menu original design.
  • If you would rather customize the Start Menu on your own, there is a plethora of textures and images to choose from - or you can choose your own color customization options so that you can search in style.

In conclusion, Tech Radar, Windows 10 Download, and The Register know what they're talking about when they recommend this on their platforms - and they know what they're talking about! If you're excited by the prospect of a simpler time, you can positively rest assured that they (and many, many, others out there) agree with that sentiment. As this passage is being written, Start10 is installed on my PC running Windows 10, sparing me an endless amount of headaches and frustration to come. All in all, this should be one of the first programs you download if you have a computer that runs Windows 10.

For those turned off by Windows 10 Start Menu's disorganization and bulkiness, Start10 offers a simple and classic solution.
Check out Start10 for Windows if you want to replace the menu that's built into your Windows 10 device. This tool can either give you the same menu offered by Windows 7 or you can use the custom options to create your own start menu by pulling in features from either the Windows 7 menu or the Windows 10 menu. You can add or disable features to suit your preferences.
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