by Valve

Part of the Steam Client API program developed by Valve Corporation

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Valve

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Steam_api.dll is one of the files included in the installation package of the Steam game client. Most likely, you found yourself on this page because of an error caused by the absence of this file. This error often occurs just when the gamer launches the game, hoping to spend a few hours of his time in the virtual world. Let's consider ways of eliminating this error. There are a lot of different tips on the Internet to fix this unfortunate problem, but almost all of them work only in individual cases. There are no universal and 100% solutions, but two of them can be used by everyone. Okay, so, uh...

Restore file in automatic mode.

It is logical to assume that if you reinstall Steam, Steam_api.dll will be restored. But we don't want to lose the saved data either, so first we need to save it. Go to C:\Program Files\Steam and back up the steam.exe file and Steamapps folder. Now you need to uninstall Steam and install it again. If you use a broken version of the program, the problem may be in the antivirus, which blocks crack and modified DLL files. Disable it for the time of installation, and study the scanner reports, which may include a Steam_api.dll file.

Manually restore a file.

Theoretically, you can return the file to the manual. Copy it to the system folder and the program folder. Click the "Download" button above and upload the file archive. The archive will contain detailed instructions on how to copy and register this file in the system.

The file steam_api.dll is a 32bit Windows DLL module for the Steam Client API software
This software is having 16 different versions. This will help in recovering the application that was crashed due to the corrupted file in the PC. Reinstalling this software will fix the issue related to corrupted one/registry keys etc. This software is also used infamous video games such as Call of Duty etc. This software is mainly used for finding the gaming servers and connect with other gamers. Though it has many versions, it is recommended to go with the latest version.
it is useful to play emulator game without intrepretued. and then it is useful to find the achievements and goal of the playing game . it is like google play game in mobile
If you are a competitive gamer or someone who just likes to see some numbers and statistics to match with all the hours you have put into a specific game. Steam_api.dll will present to you all the statistics you could want from time driven to amount of cones you ran over in Bus Simulator. Anything you might want to know will be acknowledged here.
This seems like a greatly accessible software that is even installed when the game is in most cases. It can be used to view stats, achievements and even to connect with other Steam users. It also adds a sense of security with anti-cheat functionality and DRM protection. Overall, this seems like a secure and easy software to use for all.
steam_api.dll is used by games to get to some of Steamworks components and plans, for instance, subtleties and achievements, client check, finding game servers, and point of interaction with other Steam clients. Steamworks API moreover offers Valve Anti-Cheat handiness and DRM confirmation.
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