Storage Executive

by Micron Technology

Optimize the performance of your Crucial SSD

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Micron Technology

Release: Storage Executive 3.65.012019.06

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Ensure your Crucial SSD is running at its peak performance for free by using Crucial Storage Executive. Through the software. you are not only able to monitor everything related to your Crucial SSD, ranging from the operating temperature and overall health to its storage divisions and software usage, but you are also able to make many of your general computer operations go up to 10x faster by enabling the Momentum Cache feature, giving your computer a new life. Receive specific information about your set up and get immediate personalized details and statistics regarding your computer and SSD. The data Crucial Storage Executive gives you can also be used to improve on your hardware and fix any underlying issues your SSD could be causing. Giving a new meaning to taking control over your computer's settings, it allows you to see how much storage you've used and fixed any issues relating to your SSD, ultimately making your computer faster and run more efficiently than ever.


  • Monitor the overall health and efficiency of your SSD
  • Ability to reset your SSD's encryption password, helping you stay secure and to keep your files private
  • Easy-to-use free software informs you on the best utilization of your SSD space

Always stay up to date by being able to download the latest firmware and keeping tabs on what's happening in the background of your computer. In the case of warranty claims, the software shows you your SSD's model number and allows you to clear all data stored on the drive. With periodic updates, the Crucial Storage Executive Software is constantly at peak performance, allowing you to worry only about ensuring the same for your SSD, by consistently upgrading your SSD operations. This free application is of value to anyone looking to maximize the efficiency of their hardware, with the control over their own computer at their fingertips.

Control your storage and stay up to date with your Storage Executive.

Compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 operating systems and Crucial P1, MX-seriesBX-series, M550, and M500 SSDs.

If you have a solid state drive, this is definitely for you. It monitors the overall drive integrity, operating parameters (temperature, storage capacity, etc.), allows a quick and easy way to update or set your drive encryption password, and has a GUI user interface to set up and modify all program parameters.
Lucas Deason
The Crucial Storage Executive is an efficient way to optimize your crucial SSD. To understand this product, you must know that the Crucial SSD allows you to boot your Windows in a couple seconds, load, save, and transfer files as soon as clicking on them. The purpose of the SSD, Solid State Drive, is a mass storage device, just like the HHD, hard disk drive. Going back to the Crucial Storage Executive, it can be supported for Windows 7, or higher, and help you monitor your device temperature, download the latest firmware, and reset your encryption password for maximum security.
Great product! What I love is how in control it makes me feel regarding my computer and it's storage. I used to constantly check my settings to ensure I was keeping my computer "healthy" but Storage Executive has made that task super easy! I particularly love the burst in performance feature. 10 times!!! Just awesome.
It significantly improves the performance of our SSD and it is free to use app there is a lot of features which can improve our SSD on our computer it takes less storage space and it consumes less ram I recommend it to the people who are in need of extra high performance in their pc
It is a best software for self storage operators. I like this more features and it gives less cost. It is an easy interface to analyze and manage our drives.
Storage Executive for Windows is such a valuable software to have. I can't imagine how I got by without it. I'm someone who has a really hard time organizing myself and deleting things, and with the Storage Executive, this was all made easy! The Storage Executive gives information on how to optimize performance and save space in areas that I would never have thought of myself. The Momentum Cache feature also leverages unused resources, which allows for a boost of performance. My computer started performing so much better after getting this software!
Storage Executive is a must for anyone who wants to keep their pc's storage running properly and want to extend the live of their storage devices. It has many utilities such as the ability to monitor how much storage has been use and the ability to remove any unwanted date. You can also monitor the temperature and the health of your storage device. For those who care about security it also has encryption capabilities. The all in one tool for storage management.
Finlay I.
Storage Executive is a free software package from Seagate that enables users to monitor, manage, and diagnose their Seagate and Maxtor-brand storage devices. It allows users to view and control their storage device's health, performance, and capacity, and provides proactive notification about the device's current and future status. It also provides access to tools for securely erasing data and resetting drives to factory defaults.
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