by Jan Hovancik

Stretchly is a cross-platform open-source break reminder app that helps you stay healthy and productive by taking regular breaks from your work.

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Stretching Software: A Comprehensive Description and List of
Stretchly helps to make sure that you take regular breaks from work to prevent fatigue and burnout.

Stretching software is a type of software designed to help users improve their flexibility, posture, and range of motion. It typically comes in the form of an app, and can be used both at home and in the gym. It is an excellent resource for those looking to improve their overall physical health and performance.

Stretching software is typically designed to be user-friendly and easy to understand. It usually has a variety of features, such as a library of exercises, a timer, and customization options. It may also include educational resources, such as tutorials and videos.


The features of stretching software vary depending on the product. Here are some of the common features found in stretching software:

- Library of Exercises: Most stretching software comes with a library of stretching exercises, organized by target muscle group. This allows users to easily find and select the exercises they wish to perform.

- Timer: Many stretching software products come with a timer feature, which allows users to set a desired duration for the exercise. This is especially useful for timed stretching sessions.

- Customization Options: Some stretching software products come with customization options, such as the ability to adjust the intensity of the exercises. This allows users to tailor their stretching sessions to their own abilities and needs.

- Tutorials and Videos: Many stretching software products come with tutorials and videos. These are usually designed to help users learn proper form and understand the benefits of stretching.

- Tracking and Analysis: Some stretching software products come with tracking and analysis features, which allow users to track and analyze their progress over time. This is useful for assessing improvements in flexibility, range of motion, and posture.


Stretching software is a great way to improve flexibility, posture, and range of motion. It is typically designed to be user-friendly and comes with a variety of features, such as a library of exercises, a timer, customization options, tutorials and videos, and tracking and analysis features. With stretching software, users can easily create personalized stretching sessions and track their progress over time.
1. Operating system: Windows 7 or higher, MacOS 10.10 or higher, Linux
2. Processor: 2GHz or higher
3. Memory: 4GB RAM or higher
4. Hard disk: 200MB of available space
5. Network: Internet connection
6. Software: Web browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari
7. Application: Node.js, MongoDB, Redis, and any other necessary dependencies for the application
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Sam Delang

I recently tried out the Stretchly software and it was a great experience. It reminded me to take regular breaks from my computer throughout the day, and the break activities were fun and interesting. I loved the ability to customize the length of my break time and the type of activities to do. I also found that the interface was simple and easy to use. The app also has a motivational message to keep you going. Overall, it was a great experience using Stretchly.
image/svg+xmlBotttsPablo Stanley Körner
Harry U*****j

I found Stretchly to be a great tool for managing my focus times and taking much needed breakes, but the UI could be a litlle bit more intuative.
image/svg+xmlBotttsPablo Stanley Körner
Jude K*********h

Stretchly is a productivity software designed to help users avoid eye strain and repetitive strain injury (RSI) caused by prolonged computer usage. This software reminds users to take short breaks at regular intervals, encourages them to perform physical exercises during breaks, and provides relaxation techniques to reduce stress. It also includes customization options such as break duration and frequency, and the ability to block distractions during work periods. Overall, Stretchly aims to improve users' health and productivity by promoting a healthy work-life balance.
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Leon Landel

Stretchly software is a customizable break reminder application that encourages users to take regular breaks and reduces eye strain and fatigue.
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