Suitcase Fusion

by Celartem

Easily manage fonts on your computer

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Celartem

Release: Suitcase Fusion 14.0.2

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Suitcase Fusion is a font manager that allows you to view, use, activate, deactivate, and organize fonts on your computer, whether it is using Windows or Mac software.


  • Suitcase Fusion automatically detects and activates the font used on a file that you open. Making it easier to continue your project without trying to figure out what font was used previously or not having to change it completely
  • Manage all different fonts from all sources from within Suitcase Fusion. You will be able to see all the Fonts available from different apps and systems. You can manage system fonts, purchased fonts, google fonts, and many more.
  • Obtain the software with all its functionalities for less than 10 dollars for months.
  • In addition to this, you will get FontDoctor for free when you purchase Suitcase Fusion. With FontDoctor, you will be able to repair problems and quarantine corrupt or malfunctioning fonts. This will help you avoid any improperly organized font suitcase.
  • Search capability to assist you in finding any font that you are looking for quickly
  • Preview different fonts before trying them to see if they match your preference or not.
  • Quickly match the font that you are using on the file that you have opened
  • you can organize your fonts in libraries and sets.
  • Get detailed font usage information like font name, type, version, etc.
  • Get all the fonts used in previous documents without the need to open the old files or documents
  • supports Adobe Creative Cloud which is the update is October 2018
  • Get a free trial for 15 days. try the full functionality of Suitcase Fusion, and you will fall in love with it

Suitcase Fusion is the best solution for fonts. Find the best font you want, reduce the errors caused by corrupt and malfunctioning fonts, and be creative all in one tool.

with Suitcase Fusion you can manage and access all fonts from all different sources on your computer
Jane Adams
Suitcase Fusion eliminates the frustration of missing fonts when you open files and discover you don't know what fonts were utilized. In addition to providing that information, it has the capability to provide details that might otherwise be difficult to ascertain without purposefully researching individual fonts, and has the ability to repair font issues. Considering the cost, the product is definitely worth the price.
Suitcase Fusion is an amazing software! It helps me stay organized with the fonts on my Windows computer. The awesome thing about it is that it also works with Mac software which is awesome because it allows to use this on computers as well. This product also gives you a free trial for 15 days which really shows you what this awesome product is capable of.
This software product is essential for those who would like to manage fonts effectively in one place and bring some more availability of aesthetic appeal to their various documents and other projects. This app for Windows and Mac allows users to automatically activate whichever font they would prefer at a single click. This is ideal for creative professionals and anyone looking to create more stunning documents.
Luca Bromley
Suitcase Fusion for Windows is a creativity program software. It has a free trial and it is not free to use without buying a license. Create fonts, Contains plugins, will enhance many creative software popular today. So if you are trying to wow your boss at work or impress your professor in university, this program can allow you to do more and with hassle free backup. Has many powerful search and quick match tools to make your time far more creative.
Suitcase Fusion for Windows enhances your imagination skills without interference. Something that makes Suitcase Fusion for Windows unique from additional style types is that it has its own potential to assist creators in finding out and contrasting the latest fonts. Also, Suitcase Fusion for Windows recalls each font that is typed in computer files. Every typeface has a different feature. Suitcase Fusion for Windows helps with each program you use daily. It is a wonderful tool for staying organized.
This is a very convenient product that should have existed in the first place. This software organizes all of your fonts, from system fonts to Photoshop fonts. It's hard enough to find fonts that fit your current project, and it's even more of a pain to lose where they are at. This software alleviates all of the troubles mentioned above and gives you the freedom to organize it how you want. With this level of control and organization, it's comforting to know that this kind of product exists.
Suitcase font manager has high creativity easy to use plugins for adobe cloud support. People having passion of using various font must look this software. almost they are giving zero missing font assurance. having supporting almost all font with drag and drop facility. You can enjoy your typography with this suitcase font manager.
Suitcase Fusion is the best font management software program I have seen to date. It can be used on both Windows and Mac operating systems. It is even supported with Adobe Photoshop, one of my favorite software systems to use to date. If I were to recommend a purchase for font management, suitcase fusion would be in my top 3 picks. Try it out yourself and see, I guarantee you will love it and want to purchase the full version yourself. I didn't know such a simple version existed and it was recommended to me by a co-worker. I can't thank her enough for her suggestion to me last November.
Great software to help you manage, organize and keep track of all your font. This is especially help if you're like me and you like to create font, or like to have a large data base on hand for personal projects or private jobs. I also like that it can run plug ins with compatibility for Sketch. Definitely recommend this software
I love using Suitcase Fusion for Windows because it's a program that helps recommend fonts for you based on its unique suggestion system. It exists entirely in the cloud which means that saving down fonts couldn't be easier, and you never have to worry about the possibility that your work won't be saved since everything is backed up automatically in the cloud.
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